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    just call me DADDY darthvyn

    so i posted this elsewhere a while ago, but since my wife's into her second trimester, it's a safe bet i can let the whole world know... i'm gonna be a father! we're not finding out what the baby is, we've just been referring to it as "ziggy" (i was calling it "ziggy the zygote" for a while at the beginning, and it stuck...) the first ultrasound ziggy looked like a circus peanut, so it's become "ziggy the peanut."

    ziggy's due to join us in mid-december, and i'm gearing up to inundate the child with both the star wars and spider-man worlds, regardless of sex, which, like i said, we're not finding out...
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    Congratulations to you and your wife. Kids make you age, but for the most part are a pleasure to raise as you instill your parenting skills.
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    Can we start calling you FFvyn?

    But seriously, that is awesome!
    It seems like everyone is having babies lately.
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    Congrats Vyn. It's always good when SW/Comic Book nerds have kids because it means that I still have a chance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker
    It's always good when SW/Comic Book nerds have kids because it means that I still have a chance.
    Actually... that's kinda sad.

    Congrats darthvyn!!!
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    you may want to start thinking of boys and girls names though otherwise you might find yourself using "ziggy" by default

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    Congrats vyncent. May the kid be as big a geek as you are.
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    Great news, Vyn. Keep us posted on the progress.

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    Congrats, I have a big extended family so I'm always around little ones and they can be a real joy, or when I'm working my PT job at Target, a real PAIN . I can't wait to have some in a few or more years.
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    Hey, congrats! I used to read Ziggy, but I feel he's gotten too preachy lately.

    Boy, you're gonna have a tough time finding SW and Spidey baby toys... NOT!
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