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What no Polish Sausage, Belgian Waflles, or a Canadian-Bacon pizza?

We went to see our local fireworks last night and got the thrill of sitting by the most unruley 8 yr old kids I've seen in my life. Besieds talking during the entire show, we were treated to sand throwing contests (which the youngens missed each other and hit most of the rest of us nearby viewers), wrestling matches, and some rednecks that couldn't figure out how to use their bottlerockets properly with most shooting directly into the people sitting nearby. The funny part was the parents were right there but decided their kids were behaving fine despite being their antics, and seeing their kids being talked to by at least 4 different groups of nearby adults.
I shall answer that with this from IJG's rancor pit thread.

You may feel free to insert an " " at the end of the "offending" sentence if you deem it necessary.