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    Not a new question unless someone wants it to be but - I hope when they do make the curved section of the cantina bar that it has a decent span - i.e that the two sides of the bar will end up sufficiently far apart for a hypothetical drinks dispenser to fit in between and for Wuher to have room to stand there serving on all sides.

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    Maybe I'll lead a Rebellion here, but in light of Zizzle's $62 and 2.5 ft long Black Pearl Pirate Ship, I want to change one of my votes (whichever is the least-likely to win this one's round) to:

    #100: "In light of the Zizzle Pirate Ship (and that toy MUST be mentioned), which goes with approximately 16 Pirate figures, why the f-ng f-c don't you make a Jabba the Hutt Sailbarge which goes with your collection of over 500 figures, at least 25-30 or more whom are directly related to that scene in ROTJ?!"

    Please slap them with a wet balongna when asking them this question. It may help.

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    Yeah and they can't use the licensing BS rising the cost here because I'm sure there is a hefty fee for Zillze as well. Pirates is a huge movie! I can't wait.

    Another thing is the price. Why the hell is the AT-AT $90 when the Pirate ship is about 60?
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    I know this is not exactly a discussion thread, but Turbowars has an excellent point.

    I could almost care less as I dont need another AT-AT, but is that thing even going to come with figures at that price? Might as well include the new '06 Veers, an '04 AT-ST Driver in case it's substituted because Veers wasn't at Endor, and an '06 AT-AT Driver or 2. (Veers might've had "clones" as his drivers, and they might've worn the gear at Hoth, but since this is an Endor AT-AT, perhaps they just dressed like AT-ST Drivers and the vehicle will come with 2 variants of them (different heads, as they were not likely clones of Jango Fett by that time).

    In any case, back to Turbowars' point, the pirate ship is a brand new mold for Zizzle. The AT-AT's basic design work has been done since 1981 by KENNER. If anything, they could offer that thing for $30-40 instead of $90 - seeing as how they once blew them out of TRU at $10 each. (but of course I paid $80 for mine a year earlier ) - still I think it's important to support the vehicles at retail price so Hasbro continues to make more for us.

    If the V-wing and Sith Infiltrator sell well, perhaps we'll get a Gungan Sub, more pod racers, Grievous' Ship, the large Homing Spider Droid, etc.

    I'm so mad POTC gets a Black Pearl and we don't have a SAILBARGE!!!

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    Posts split, feel free to converse.

    Tycho, I'm not changing your vote this week, and I'm not changing the question since it's got a vote and you don't really add any substance to the question beyond what's there. Start campainging for the question to get more votes (it's currently #43, next week it'll definitely be higher up the list though) for next week though, put it in your sig-line. And thanks for wasting my time with the nonsense, selfish ***.

    Turbo, you have an excellent point, why is Hasbro such a damn ripoff with their prices, especially vehicle prices? If you can figure out a way for it to be added as a question (I'd want it to be more different from the current Zizzle question), LMK and I will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars
    Another thing is the price. Why the hell is the AT-AT $90 when the Pirate ship is about 60?

    that is a great question considering the PEarl is a new sculpt. The At-At is a reused, rehashed model and still cost 33% more.
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    Because the AT-AT was built by government contractors for the Empire, and the pirate ship was paid for with stolen booty.
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    if the black pearl ends up lounging on the shelves and not being snapped up by kids to play with you'll have your answer from hasbro. a big "i told you so" that playsets and vehicles aren't big sellers.

    now if they released a sail barge i'd pick one up, i'm a fool and will buy anything with a star wars logo on it. i'd much rather have a larger falcon or much reduced in scale star destroyer before the sail barge.

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    The AT-AT will have electronics, has two pack in figures, and is an exclusive. Does that justify $30? I don't know. Perhaps Zizzle is selling it at low profit to sell more figures.
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    The Black Pearl has electronics as well.

    Hasbro defines their toys based on mold costs and budget, and in the case of the AT-AT the mold, including POTF2 remolding, has been paid for several times over now so any rerelease is only costing in materials and manufacturing. Yet this AT-AT costs more than ever. There's a real gap in there.
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    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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