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    Cars - Die-Cast Vehicles

    Anyone else getting this set? Around 16 "Cars" total..

    I have 6 of the 16 so far... they are impossible to find!

    Went to Geoffrey, 3x Wal-Mart, & my dad went to 3x Wal-Mart & they are sold out everywhere!

    I was only going to get the cars for my daughter since shes a Disney nut, but I may have to get the playsets too now that I see how cool they are. Just found out too that you can hook em all together... thats pretty neat in itself...

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    yes, i've been sucked into trying to complete a set as well. i've even bought the V8 Cafe playset and the Curio Shop. i'll probably get the others if they ever go to clearance.

    i'm missing Sarge (ha, isn't everyone missing him?), Fillmore, Chick, Dinoco McQueen, Nitroade and Leakless.

    BP, i can't promise anything but if you don't mind paying cost + shipping i'll try to help you out though it seems like they are scarce everywhere.

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    I hit the mother load last night when I went to my local Wal-Mart... must of got it right when they were restocking. There was also an elderly lady there shuffling through the stuff cramming into her buggy... she told her grandson that he could have some of em but she was selling the rest.... stupid scalpers....

    Here is what I got... put em on layaway against my better judgement, hope they are still there when I get em out & also hope they are in the same condition I put em on there as. They better not "lose" my layaway!!!

    Dinoco McQueen (had about four of em - not greedy, only got one)
    Nitroade (only one on the shelf)
    Leakless (had about four of em - not greedy, only got one)
    King (had about four of em - not greedy, only got one)
    Fillmore (only one on the shelf)
    DJ (had about three of em - not greedy, only got one)
    Sally (had two, one was bent all to heck, so I got the other one)

    Stanley & Red (only two so I got one)
    Flo & Ramone (had about 10 or so, only got one)
    Guido, Luigi, & Tractor (only one on the shelf)

    The others they had were around 20 Regular McQueens, a few Rollin Bowlin games with the Blue Mater (only other place to get this one is in a 6 pack) & one Ramone House Of Body Art. These things are literally hard to find everywhere... can't believe they are selling so well!

    I have a secret place that is a good place to find em though - I have bought three Cars from Advance Auto Parts!!!! They had a Chick Hicks error at my local one (says Lightning McQueen on the card inside!!!) Went to the next town over & got a Chick Hicks that has the right card.... little bent up so using it as a place holder. Same store I got a Wingo

    When I went to the Wal-Mart about 45 minutes from here July 4, the only things on the shelf were Mater & Green Ramone. Picked those up too!!!

    Only things I am missing for my set are Lizzie & Sarge (but who isn't!)

    Still trying to decide if I want to get the playsets or not.... I don't really play with em, but for complete set sakes I may have to..... Only one I have seen is the House Of Body Art.

    Also trying to decide if I want to get the Mack Truck set....

    The one I am actively looking for is Sheriff. I have one but it looks like someone ran over it with a truck, the card is all beat up. Again using it as a place holder until I can find one with a better card.

    May be kind of fun to get a set to open & one to keep sealed, but as hard as they are to find, don't know if I am gonna do that yet.

    If you need a Cars carrying case I may can pick you up one. At a local thrift store here in town I got one for $1.50, brand new sealed perfect condition!!! They had another one only, but it was missing the tabs that keep the top shut. Mattel may could send those though.... let me know & I'll see what I can do!

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    i don't know if we have advance auto parts here in southern cali so i checked my local auto zone and kragen. zilch on both. zilch on the 7 stores i hit as well. i didn't even find SW stuff to buy so i just bought some of the pullback cars - lightning, ramone and luigi.

    my local WM decreased the number of pegs for Cars toys and another WM didn't have any pegs and put whatever they had on the top of the shelves.

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    Same thing here... went to the same WM that restocked the other day...

    All pegs taken down & Superman put in its place. They have a few Smack-em things & a few Squeezy Maters, & a few flashlight thingies... but other than that, nothin.

    You wouldnt happen to have an extra Lizzie would you? Would be willing to pay cost + shipping.... if not, no biggie... those two (Liz & Sarge) are the two hardest to find!

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    sorry i don't have an extra lizzie but i'll pick one up for you if i ever come across it again.

    i would be willing to pay cost + shipping as well for the ones that i'm missing (listed several posts above). i did get a fillmore from someone on another site so i don't need him any longer.

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    Went by Target today and thought I'd check their Cars section to see if they had anything you guys needed. There wasn't one "car" in sight. All the pegs were completely empty. Sorry fellas.
    "That's the best deal you're gonna get. I won't tell you you can save yourself, because you can't."

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    thanks for looking UKWildcat. i haven't seen any new AOME at big lots for you but i'll keep checking.

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    Thanks for looking for us.... hate to have to resort to Extortion-BAY but may have to to get those last two I need.....

    Havn't seen anything here in since the 7th.... its like everything dried up!

    I'll keep looking for you FB.....

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    thanks BP. don't resort to extortion bay! and don't resort to the extortionists selling their stuff through amazon either!

    now for some great news, over on RS, someone posted a pic of some future diecasts i don't have any more info and unfortunately the pic comes from ebay it seems but it looks like we're getting Radiator Springs McQueen, Hudson Hornet, Blue Mater, Yellow Ramone, Hamm from "Toy Car Story" and the Michael Schumacher ferrari.


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