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    thanks UKW! i'm actually getting a chick in a trade but could still use another one as an opener. and if you could find any nitroades or leakless, i'll take those since i know quite a few people who are looking for them.

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    Thats awesome FB!!!! Making me jealous that you found a Sarge..... I'm not gonna quit lookin though... maybe I'll find one yet!!

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    i got my chick hicks in the mail so i've finished a set for now!

    BanthaPoodoo, do you need Leakless, as i found 2 extras of him on saturday.

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    Nope, only two I need are Sarge & Lizzie... thanks for asking!

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    ha! everyone seems to need lizzie and sarge!

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    here's some pics of new Cars that were shown at Wizard World Chicago
    Woody and Buzz Lightyear
    Hamm, Yellow/golden Ramone
    Hudson Hornet, Radiator Springs McQueen

    blue mater

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    Read online that Wal-mart was doing a reset in the toy section where they were putting out fresh stock & such...

    Well, went to the normal section of cars stuff... nothing, looked like a ghost town. So started looking around the toy section and what did I see? They had a 5 by 7 peg space full of CARS!!!! TOTALLY COOL!!!

    I picked up a Sheriff & Doc Hudson (both of mine were damaged & I was using them as placeholders until I could find something better) 2x Sarge & 2x Lizzie. Now I have two sets, one opened & one MIB!!!!

    Now time to just wait around & get those new 8 cars (theres a Schumacher Ferrari coming out not listed above).... huh, good luck on those.....

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    congratulations on the score, BP! wow, i don't even have 2 complete sets (missing a lizzie for the loose set)

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    My local Wal-Mart has a bunch of Cars stuff, if there anything other than Lizzie you need? I may can find it for ya here. Theres another WM not to far from here, it might have a Lizzie. I'll look for ya...

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    thanks Bantha Poodoo! that's all i really need for now until the next wave starts hitting, supposedly next month


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