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    wave 3 cars have been found, supposedly at WM!

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    I found new multi-packs of Cars cars at WalMart today,with the new blue-sparkly packaging. They didn't have any "new" versions, just multi-pack boxes of the old ones- but lots of Filmores and Sarges for those who never found them.

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    Come to think of it, while at the 24-hour Walmart in Glendora I saw a huge box that said "Cars Fall" pallet or something like that. It said there were like 150 items plus a display. It made me wonder if there were new Cars in there.
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    Yeah, the stuff I found in Duarte today was on a "Cars" themed island (four sided) in the middle of an aisle. Lots of the box sets, plus plush dolls and the wind-ups.

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    don't forget that the dvd comes out next tuesday!

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    I got a complete set of the vehicles for my daughter, but she seems to have lost interest in them pretty fast(though she loves the movie). So I just have them displayed on a shelf. I'm totally not a fan of little cars though. It just ain't my "thang."
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    suuuuure luuuuuke. that's the 2nd or 3rd time i've heard you say that and you know they say the more you try to publically deny something, the greater the likelihood that it's actually true. just admit that they're for you!

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    Are the new cars and box sets Wal Mart exclusives? I haven't seen any sign of them at Target.

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    speck, there are 4 packs which are WM exclusives - however those are all repacked cars.

    the new ones like Hudson Hornet, Blue Mater, Radiator Springs McQueen are not exclusives and should be showing up at Target soon. on another board that i visit, someone found them at a target in LaVerne

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    How many "new" cars are coming out? I count:

    Yellow Ramone (edit)
    Hudson Hornet
    Lightning McQueen with his Radiator Springs makeover

    What else has been confirmed?

    These have been found in stores already, and are all over ebay.


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