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    mattel is really terrible at confirming things but a michael schumacher ferrari is coming as well as a hamm (toy story) car. there are also movie moments 2 packs with woody + buzz, mike + sully

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    More cars!

    Just found a site that has pictures and a list of lots of new "Cars" cars for this and next year.

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    so if it's from wikipedia, it has to be official!

    i think a lot of the wiki info on these toys comes from the cars board that i frequent.

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    North Hollywood Target has the new "Supercharged" cars. I only found a Yellow Ramone- the rest were repacks of the original sets. The back of my Ramone card shows a "Dirt Track McQueen" which I wasn't aware of, and the "Brand New Mater".

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    Grabbed a Radiator Springs McQueen at Target this morning- the new figures must be 1-2 per case, because both times I have asked them to open a case, half of it is the old carded versions, then about 8 of the new "supercharged" cards, but most of them are repacks. All I really want now is a Hudson Hornet- but it might take a while to find these on the pegs.

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    i had no luck at the 2 Targets, 2 TRU's and WM that i went to today. i did pick up the Sarge/Fillmore/Ramone/Mater 4 pack from WM, however. call it the SW battlepack effect of being suckered into boxed versions of toys you already own

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    i picked up another Lizzie and Sarge today from Target. hopefully the new wave of cars will arrive soon.
    I picked up Chick Hicks and Metallic Red Radiator Springs Mcqueen.

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    someone put up a "brand new mater" (blue version) and hamm up on everyone's favorite auction site so those two cars should be hitting stores in a few weeks.

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    Burbank Target finally got the Supercharged single cars- but all repacks when I arrived.

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    picked up both Sarge and Filmore as well as Red and Stanley. Loved this movie picked it up last week and watched it Monday. Loved the bonus feature of Mater and the ghostlight.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks


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