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    Just found Kathy Copter and Petrol Pulaski this morning. The best part was they were only $2.90

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    I found Kathy Copter and the RPM pit crew as well but they were 3.49.

    I also got the Lightning Storm McQueen exclusive from SDCC. Don't ask how long I waited in line for it!

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    Just found the new "Gift Pack" with 3 old and 1 new car
    Collect 2 Collect (if you see someone damaging stuff kick them in the shorts!)
    Great Traders Slicker,KIDD,Rebo's_Guitarist,TURBOWARS,OC47150,
    bobafrett,Jay86,Lman316 & Dark Marble!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Val Da Car View Post
    Just found the new "Gift Pack" with 3 old and 1 new car
    I also saw that gift pack at Target but I passed on it . That 1 new car is from the 36 car race but I forget which one !

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    Here's a pic of the new cars lightning mcqueen Chase car !!
    I hope to get my hands on one soon !!

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    I found some new Cars this weekend.

    "Roman Dunes" No Stall's crew chief
    "Leroy traffik" mini van w/ mattress on top
    "Chase Lighining Mcqueen"

    I found two sets at Target, and saw some more at Walmart this morning.

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    I found Roman Dunes recently but have yet to see the Chase McQueen nor am I all that interested in getting one either. I did pick up the Trunk Fresh/No Stall launchers on clearance for $7.48. At full price they were a definite pass but at half price I figured why not as 2 single pack cars alone would run me about $7.

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    I went to walmart today and found the 2nd Cars chase which is Fred with bumper stickers ! Also found Axle Accelerator ( highway patrol car ) both are really nice ! On the back of the package it shows a new car that will be out soon its Hugo Fast ( nitroade pitty ) #64 .

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    I found those yesterday too. I didn't even know about Fred. Is it just me or is he alittle small?

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    'Round hereabouts there was a lot of consternation that the first Fred was scaled too large. The new one would be the corrected version.


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