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    What movies did you see the trailers with?

    I remember hearing alot about Meet Joe Black, but I saw the trailers with Wing Commander (ugh) and Star Trek Insurrection, respectively.

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    Wing Commander (ugh is right!) and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, which was way funnier than I was expecting. Wing Commander was really hard to stomach too. I sure hope Ep 2's trailers aren't attached to anything so bad.
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    I can't remember that for some reason, but I rememeber seeing the trailer for the Special Edition during Independence Day. I was going crazy. Totally not expecting it.
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    A friend of mine worked at a movie theater, so I got to see the first preview free before Rugrats: The Movie. (I left immediately after the trailer--those kids must've thought I was nuts!)

    The second trailer I saw before Payback. Well, I did walk over (with the permission of the same friend) to Wing Commander, which started five minutes before Payback, to see the preview.
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    I saw it on TV here in Oz on a News show called "Today Tonight" and I recorded so I'd have it forever n' ever!

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    I saw it on Etertainment Tonight, so I didn't have to go to the theater...although that would have been mighty fun!
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    I downloaded it before I saw it at the movies.I can't remember what movie it was.

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    Hmmm....... it was Meet Joe Whatever.......... still not impressed.
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    I saw Trailer A with The Siege and Trailer B with Wing Commander (my friend actually walked out on this one to have a smoke).

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    I saw Trailer A when I saw Star Trash: Insurecction (sp?).


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