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Thread: Toyfair rumours

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    Toyfair rumours

    OK - over on anotheR Site, there is a link to Y anOther DArned site...that has some leaked information on the winner of the toy fair poll - and they are saying that it's not a minor character from the movies, but rather an EU character.

    You can color me stupified....

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    I saw that too. Can't say I'm really happy about it, either. My hopes were up because RS's exit poll had Yarna in the lead. But, I shouldn't be suprised. If you take this leaked info, the Q&A answers, and that Red Guard exclusive, Hasbro must have realized there is a market for EU.
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    If that's true it sucks. It's like licensing hasbro to Batmanise the star wars line. which they're already doing with stoopid clowntrooper releases. It's strange how the finalists appear to be all EU when there's reports of a few EU figures out next year.

    Still as long as they don't form part of the regular line I don't care. I just won't buy them. I don't even know who most of those characters are. nor do I care. If it aint in the movies then forget it.

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    as many of us have felt all along, the fan's poll is rigged and hasbro knew all along who they wanted to make

    which might work out for the best as the character i voted for might get made

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    The question being are the people that voted actually going to buy what they voted for. It's real nice of someone to vote 100 times for their favorite, imo they should buy the same number of figures as times they voted, only fair

    While the KOTOR charcters do look cool, I was really hoping for some OT characters.
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    I'll probably pass on any KOTOR toys, Tales of the Jedi toys, or Legacy toys. They just do not interest me very much.
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    They could make every EU figure on the list and I wouldn't buy one of them!

    If after this poll Hasbro still refuses to make Yarna, after they see she is one of the most wanted characters in the FILMS, when they could just stick here in a multipack or something...

    Man oh man oh man.

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    The fact that they are doing #1 and #2 is interesting. That leads me to believe they are doing Jacen and Jaina although it is surprising to me that they would be #1 and #2.
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    Utterly pathetic if it's true. Just goes to show that fanboys are taking over and ruining the hobby.
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    Even if the EU people argue they would rather have a main character from the EU than a minor character from the FILMS, I will never understand why they wouldn't rather have a main character from the FILMS that has never been made like Lando in Smugglers Gear, Luke from the medical frigate, or Leia from the medical frigate, than a figure based on someone's drawing of a character that wasn't in the films.

    And just watch, when they make these EU figures, they'll say, "But I didn't want Anakin Solo as a child, I wanted him as an adult." "I didn't want Mara in THAT outfit!"



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