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    Where is Elis Helrot in ANH?

    Since he's arriving in 2007, I thought I'd ask...

    Where is Elis Helrot in ANH? I have never been able to spot this guy in the cantina.

    Is Elis considered more of an EU character (i.e. Blue Snaggletooth) or can he actually be spotted in the film?


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    He's in there somewhere. I can't recall if he's barely visible in one of the first shots of the Cantina, or seen walking in the background in an exterior shot.
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    I just threw in ANH and watched the Cantina scene but didn't see him. I recall seeing him in there but I only watched it once though.
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    he sits in the same booth as myo, momaw nadon, muftak, miiyoom onith and feltipern trevag. only off to one side. probably the left of the screen. I've seen a production still. I'll hunt it out if at all possible

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    Here is the shot of him from red6 website:
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    Has anyone ever seen him in the final cut of the film though? It's looking like he's a Blue Snaggletooth - supposedly there in the cantina but never seen.

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    I've never seen him in the movie nor is he in the Holiday Special.

    I'm sure a couple of people will mistake Trinto Duaba for Elis Helrot but they look slightly different.
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    That's a Decipher created image. Elis is superimposed on the background. in this image you've got trinto Duaba. to his right is where Elis sits. To Trinto's left is the table around which the characters i listed before sit.

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    Interesting that Hasbro would make Elis when it looks like he didn't make the final cut of the film and there are so many other cantina aliens that still need to be made.

    In fact the first four aliens that we see in the cantina - Bom Vimdin, Brainiac, the Defel and Trinto Duaba - still need to be made.

    Oh well. I'll still buy him even if he is EU.

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    Actually, the first we see is Hem Dazon.
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