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    Which Jedi Order

    So here's a thread that has probably run before, but like my User CP's homage, I dissapear unexpectedly and reappear unnexpectedly. Sorry if this retreads old debates:

    Which Jedi Order is best, NT (aka Windu-Yoda school) or OT (aka Luke, etc.)? Why/Why not?

    My two cents: I prefer the Luke school of thought; the old school (NT) was so freaking monastic (at least in the films), in some ways it created Darth Vader. Luke had many of the same hang-ups his father did; however, it was, as the Emperor put it, his faith in his friends that caused the rebellion to win....the Emperor would have certainly died with the Death Star with or without Vader's toss...Furthermore, it was Luke who redeemed his father; while Obi and Yoda saw Luke as a foil to the Sith, something deeper in the young Skywalker transcended the Dark Side's appeal and defeated it (I still say Luke defeated the Emperor, not Anakin).

    Luke had the Qui-Gon, 'screw you' spirit that was sorely lacking in the NT jedi characters who seemed content to sit in the tower debating who's who in the Sith. At least in the films, Lucas did little to make the Old Order attractive....rather it was passive (to the point of bordem in TPM), uninteresting, and generally oblivious to the infultration of Sith...Perhaps the same attachments the council poo-pooed to a young Anakin, might have, as they did in Luke's case, given him more cause to help bring down Sideous in stead of joining him?

    Thoughts? Comments? Chimes?
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    NT, OT. Makes me think of New Testement and Old Testement.


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