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    Whatever the first town on I-95 is when you cross from VA to NC had a ton of build a Droid packs and the new comic packs at the Super WM. I stopped to get gas and lunch (unfortunately one in the same when bought from WM) and saw the new exclusives along with pegs full of figures from the last 2 years. I picked up another CZ-3 and another comic pack with the wookie. Surprisingly, they had cantina denizens with curved bar sections and a few others that sold through rapidly up here. Unsurprisingly, they had a peg of Moff Jerjerod.

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    university walmart had the new galactic heroes on the pegs today. i scanned the jar jar one and it did not scan (the destroyer droid was cool). i'm sure it had the no earlier than the 26th shelf date on the case? i picked up a cars stacy though. along with several of the figrin d'an sets at 3 bucks each.

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    picked up a rex at target university tonight. the 1st day sticker got me. was going to pass on this line, but he is cool. dcpi (prob a repeat) is 087061011. also passed on yarna with a 1st day. they had 2 evo troopers and ships too. only a couple order 66 sets left at 6.98.


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