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    i picked up a 501st today at walmart university. and i said i wasn't going to buy repacks...look out if i find the shock i was going to pass on too.

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    i bought 2 more 501st today from themount holly wallmart. pm me if you want a trade or need one or two. also finally got a sarge. wahooo!!!

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    good thing i stopped home in between hours at work today. i saw a box by my mailbox. i got my 501st from hasbro. then a couple hours later we must have got 4" of rain. how lazy was it that the mailman could not put it on my porch. they just threw it in the bushes. the corner was dented, but the inside was fine. THANKS USPS.

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    found 2 shocktroopers at walmart north of the speedway on 29 this morning. bought both. the card is warped a little.

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    snagged 2 more shock troopers at walmart in kannapolis today. these had the fett holo.

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    the blue and red troopers are in abundance at all the charlotte tru's. i did not pick up any. was really just looking for an extra scorch. now that i snagged a target unleashed. i think i will stop searchin for a while...just searching for some cheap, but good patio chairs and table(waited too long for the super clearace at targets

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    KB got the bb unleashed vader in today...without the sticker of course. 19.99 each. kinnd of strange. i guess hasbro felt bad for leaving them out?

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    picked up the 4 pack palpy set from walmart on rt 16. a deal at 4 figures for 9.96. especially since i passed on the saga palpy this time. i also passed on that luke on the old saga and otc card. so at less than 2.50 you really can't beat it. tru concord finally got the at at in. very nice. i can not justify going 90 bucks on it. although they will sell out before clearance. especially with xmas around the corner.

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    nothing new here. i did snag a luke/han galactic heroes last week at tru concord. also today i finally got a death star gunner after passing on it for a while. also snagged an unleashed chewy for 8 bucks at kannapolis walmart. i passed on it, but any unleashed is worth 8 bucks. now i have both chewy's.

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    finally saw wave 8 at the new kannapolis target. no droids though. odd. they had 2 of each of the e3 clones. i only picked up 1 of each. they were not mint, but i bought them anyway. last time i passed up a kit with no shirt (clone wars white carded) because of condition, i never saw it again.


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