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    saw the battle droids today for the first time. i picked up the one that had 2 in a pack only. i was looking at the shirtless fisto. i may take him back since walmart has some exclusives coming out that i want.

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    i snagged the wave 9 figs that i wanted from walmart mooresville(very nice). i need to order some more starcases...going to see what cases are best for the 07 packaging first though. i passed on yarel and padme. no luck on the exclusives yet though. i'm gonna check every day though. i did pick me up the luke jedi unleashed for 11. bucks. the package was in good shape and i missed him first go round. the green tracers left by the sabre glows like the old type antifreeze. very nice in the tube. was going to get one from kannapolis store a couple days earlier, but the packages were hosed.

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    wave 10 walmart exclusives are at 3 walmarts around town in charlotte, nc. wave 9 has been scarce. luckily i got the ones i need from wave 9 already.

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    went by walmart university today. i picked up an unleashed shadow trooper. overpriced at 20 bucks(i had to have it ya know), i must add. the anakin one's face looked pretty neat, i don't remember if the carded one was that cool or not, but not worth spending 20 bucks on another one. as a package collector, i like the plastic film they wrapped around the cannister to keep them from scratching...of course i will leave it on. as in 40 yr old virgin...don't remove the loses it's value!

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    picked up an obi/durge galactic hero set today at huntersville target. shunned the others. checked kmart for the TAC wave this week 2x. didn't find CARP. not too pumped for the TAC wave. like i said about the saga wave, i got to cut back, and didn't.

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    i picked up a galactic hero maul w/speeder and a tac airborne trooper at the tru in concord yesterday. my first maul in gh set. i had to have a maul. not a completeist, but got the durge a while back too. i'm done on them for a while now. also done and out on wave 1 w/just 1. was glad to see the tac fit in the original star case 1's. the stamps look sweeeeeeet. anyone going to c4 that can get me some 1st day issues, i'd pay for your troubles. thanks

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    saw 3 of the 6 order 66 packs at the university target last night. nice, but passed at 9.99 for repaints. also saw 3 of the treachery battle packs at walmart on mt holly/rt16 today. i passed on them too. am i cured? at least til i see a mcquarrie fett.

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    picked up a comic 2 pack w/luke & r2 from huntersville target yesterday (probrobly the only one i will get). also snagged a mcquarrie stormtrooper.

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    i found 2 mcchewey's at concord tru last week. one goes to brentfett.

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    passed on a mcchewey at target today. had a lot of the vintage for 2.98!! my check for the coins will go out tomorrow. also i got a call from kb (what service!) and stopped by for my yetti and tongue mcqueen. i'm all caught up w/ cars cars now. hope to find a couple ugh's when they hit.


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