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    It's good to see that Charlotte gets new stuff.

    My area sure doesn't, that is why I go to Raleigh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsAndHeels View Post
    It's good to see that Charlotte gets new stuff.

    My area sure doesn't, that is why I go to Raleigh.
    sometimes...too bad it is not always me that finds em. i've seen at least 10 mccheweys, no mcfetts.

    at walmart university yesterday, i got 2 nfl replays
    Ray Lewis & Julius Peppers. (my favorite players from my favorite teams)
    could not pass em up as cheesy as they are. 5 bucks each. gonna try and get them autographed. both tough signers, but can be done.

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    Bestest deal ever today. i've got crappy figs at target on clearance before for 1.18. walmart by speedway on rt 29 i saw a rots #41 SA clone with a 2.00 red tag on it. only it scanned for 50 cents! i went back and found another. 2 Rots #41 clone for a total of 1.07 (they stick it to ya in tax down here, i tell ya.)

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    no wave 4 here yet at all. not worried, i only want a couple anyway. i did get my cars tex dinaco signed by the voice...humpy wheeler today at the bank grand opening. also saw 2 yeti's at walmart on me for stash location(hehe). tru in concord had the arena conflict. massive and nice. makes me want to find my arena playset and beasts. easy to pass on as i got the reek, aklay, and big mouse guy seperately (they looked to be diff sculps though. i wonder how much it was. they were sitting on the floor and i didn't feel like taking it to scanner as my back has been bothering me.

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    went to 4 targets today down here. the first stop had cars cartrip, mario, & pit crew filmore. i like the new cards. the last target, i finally found a starkiller! still need a ugh mcstorms-have lots to trade-pm me.

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    found & purchased ewoks at university walmart. no mcsnowies. walmart reduced prices to 5.88 for all figures. (price they should be!)

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    found a hasbro rewards check in my mailbox today. wooohooo! to walmart after work tomorrow. says you need to use it in one swoop though. free plastic without using plastic!

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    ghetto walmart north of the speedway today, i invested my hasbro check on $3. cantina band sets/in tin(missed the galactic sets at probrobly a phenomenal price too-really why i drove up there)...and to think i was even thinking about spending 26+ bucks on one in 06...a lava droid(tried to pass-but really a cool figure...if i was an opener, i would put my target lava exclusives on top), tridroid, and kashyyyk trooper (saw him a month ago at another walmart and wanted him ever since i passed him by).can't wait for the supertarget to open near my house later this year. that will be the 4th supertarget in charlotte. anyone else got 4?

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    ghetto walmart south of the speedway had the cantina galactic heroes sets today for 7 bucks(only the band one...i got the last wuher set last week at 13). picked up one for my buddy. some troopers i stashed got snagged already. only really looking for the 2 fu troopers halfway. not worying about finding stuff as much and not looking as much with gas prices like they are. target over at the university got the fu wave. only had a bent up shadow guard left. so i've seen em all but the troopers here in charlotte. the galactic heroes millenium falcon will surely hit clearance. what a dog!

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    ghetto walmart (university) yesterday had saga legends scanning at 3.30 yesterday. i got a bunch. scanned the old band set...they were at 5 bucks a while back...they reput them in at full price of 26+ bucks. but today i saw the droid factory sets and the new comic sets at walmart mt holly and 16. the droid sets looked cool.liked the astromechs, but didn't get any. the comic sets, i really liked the wookie warrior one too, but passed.


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