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    Show of hands: Who's sick of Taylor Hicks?

    The guy can sing. No doubt about it. But I am ready to track him down and kick him in the you-know-what because I'm so sick of that annoyingly godawful Ford commercial they air on practically every channel about ten times an hour.

    It was cool to see a legitimate singer win American Idol. But it rather sucks that the music industry isn't taking a hint from that, but appear to be running him through the same tired Britneyzation formula that they did with the other winners and runners-up.
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    I was sick of KH's Taylor Hicks tar if that counts for anything?

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    I had Justin, EC has Hicks. I am just sick of American Idol period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidhuman
    I had Justin, EC has Hicks. I am just sick of American Idol period.
    Ohh snap! Thats right !

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    I saw the Taylor Hicks Ford commercial for the first time in a looooong time last night. I figured it had died, but I guess I was wrong. I'm glad he won, but had Katherine McBoobs won at least that commercial would have some redeeming quality to it.
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    The funny part is it took me a few minutes to realize who Taylor Hicks was when I saw this thread. AI might have the word Idol in it, but the wimmers of this show certainly are not that. I know I've never bought any of their albums.
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    At first I didn't really notice this commercial and pay attention to it, but now, thanks to this thread, every time it comes on I can't tune it out and it drives me @#$%ing crazy!!! Thanks a lot Chux.

    Hopefully Taylor Hicks will pull a Ruben Studdard and disappear.
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    I never watch American Idol so I haven't seen the guy enough to get sick of him. But when I watched that Ford commercial, for a few seconds I wondered: "Who the hell is this dude? And why doesn't he make up his damn mind: Is he old, or is he young?!?"

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    Funny thing is, as y'all may have guessed by my recent Hicksatar, I like the dude. When my wife was watching the intro episodes to American Idol (I never get into it until the contest portion begins, since the first several episodes of each season are ridiculous), I stopped when I heard him singing and said, "That guy is good. No way is anyone watching this show going to vote for him, though."

    I was wrong, and now I have this annoying Ford commercial to sit through every twelve minutes. At least Boomerang doesn't play it, so my Justice League is Hicks-free.
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    ohhh, so that's who he is. i don't watch the show but i have seen that ford ad millions of times. however the one i'm really sick of is Oasis' "All Around the World" prominently featured in every AT&T commercial.


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