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    Angry SPOILERS - The Real Reason Why Hasbro Stopped Making the Force Files!

    Since Hasbro doesn't tell us anything, I came up with some theories on why they stopped making them.

    1. Trained monkeys typing them up are on strike.
    2. Management forgot why they added them in the first place.
    3. Tired of trying to fix that damn typeset pRoBleM.
    4. Couldn't find 4 friends for FX-7.
    5. Know they can still charge $7 with or without an extra.
    6. Stopped caring years ago.
    7. Cheaper to use bad screen capture software for cards.
    8. Tired of looking stupid over grammatical errors like 'imperal'
    9. Phasing everything out. Next wave will come in a ziploc bag, then the next wave will come unpainted, then finally the last wave will have to be built from scratch.
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    10. Trying to save trees
    11. Jealous of Freeze Frames' continued popularity
    12. Saving money on shipping costs by lowering the weight
    13. They finally found their shame
    14. Cheaper to wallpaper their offices with them
    15. They're tired of the lies
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    I belied they stoped beacause the line was ending and there was no need to continue making them
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    That would be like shipping the last 3 waves of Freeze Frames without 35mm slides, or shipping the Sio Bibble wave without CommTech chips.

    Hasbro ruined the continuity of the line!!!

    16. Hasbro ran out of ideas for mail away offers, so they are holding the Jedi Force Files for the last 3 waves and will offer them later. We will FINALLY be able to use those Jedi Master Points! Only 500 points per JFF!
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    10. Became overly confused with the whole Padme/Sabe thing.
    09. Too many 35-year-old collectors mailed in the Jedi Quest card.
    08. Long, ugly debate as to whether or not BoShek is Force-sensitive.
    07. Rick McCallum came up with some skills for FX-7, but they were too dirty to print.
    06. They needed the paper to package 'Unleashed'.
    05. Eeth Koth's skills could only be frowning, squatting, and stretching.
    04. R4-M9 threatened to sue for libel, because all his information was wrong.
    03. The proofreaders went blind from squinting so much.
    02. The casual use of 'terrorists' became poor taste.
    01. Hasbro realized Zutton was from the Holiday Special

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    eh? 4 friends for FX-7: 2-1B, General Rieken, Bren Derlin, and Luke Skywalker. Duh. 4 enemies for FX-7: Snowtrooper, Wampa, Probe Droid, Microsoft.

    ??) They ran out of paper to make E2 cards on.
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    LOL Basker!....Microsoft,

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    Unhappy Talk about losing continuity...

    -1.0 Hasbro had them originally planned for a HUGE Jackie Chan's Adventures line and wanted to test the market.
    -2.0 M.A.F.A.R.A.A.F.W.F.N.E. threatened lawsuits if they kept making them. (Mothers and Fathers and Recording Artists Against Action Figures Without Friends Nor Enemies)
    -3.0 Cost of plastic tree pulp rising.
    -3.1459873987723807264307932 Copyright infringement with TV show "The Forced to X-Out Errors Files."
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    THere's one very simple reason: Hasbro wants to save money and still charge $7 for a small figure. The force file cards probably cost about $.10 to $.20 cents each to make. They will save a lot this way, and most of us dont really care. Personally, I prefer the new figures that dont have the force files because the fromt of the card is less "busy" looking without the ugly lettering that screams out "NOW WITH FORCE FILES!!!!!"
    The wild-stanced E2 figure poses suck!!!!

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    I agree with you yaddle yoda loves pu. Hasbro is getting lazy and figures it can still charge a bundle because "Hey, it's SW."

    Anyone remember back in 1995 when the new POTF2 line came out and the figures sold for $4.99. They had no extra Commtechs, of FF or whatever. Then the supposed reson the price went up was because of new features on the card (ex. holograms, the FF, which raised the price to $5.99, then Flashback Photos, then the Commtechs which raised it to the now $6.99 a figure.

    Well, I never cared for the stupid Commtech chips. They suck and they don't even sound like the film. The quality of the voice chips is cr*p. I would have rather paid $4.99 for them with nothing extra on the package.

    Then after the Commtechs came the POTJ w/ the Force files. I hardly doubt those crummy Force Files as an extra demanded $6.99 a figure. Now we still have to pay $6.99 for basically the EXACT same packaging as back in 1995 (for the new POTJ FX-7 wave and R4-M9 wave). Hasbro, you think that this would go unnoticed, but it hasn't. The fans know when they are being ripped off.

    As far as the EP II figures staying at $6.99 be cause of the new pack-ins, all I have to say to that it, get rid of them. I just want the figure and not some stupid piece of plastic that bumps the price of the figures up an extra two dollars.

    Lets gets back to quality figures at a fair price of $4.99. Plus why should I pay $6.99 for my SW figures when I'm paying $5.99 for the new 30 point atriculation Spiderman which is very detailed or $5.99 for the Simpsons figures that have built in voice chips. The SW figures have nothing special about them. Come on now Hasbro, I know when I'm being ripped off and so do the fans, and at the current prices, we are.
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