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    Open Call to SW Fans/Collectors

    At this point, I’d like to make an open call to all my fellow Star Wars fans and/or collectors who frequently visit various SW collecting websites. I’m not prone to making such requests, but this is a situation that cries out for it.

    From this point forward, I am asking you to permanently boycott

    For those of you who aren’t aware of why I’m asking this, here is the reason in a nutshell:

    As you may know, Dustin Roberts, a fairly well-connected member of Rebelscum, recently won the honorary Fan Club President contest. Not many people were happy, but oh well. However, affiliate relationships with LFL entities (which should have disqualified Dustin) came to light. Of particular note, here is this direct quote from site owner Philip Wise on the matter of financial perks gained by Hyperspace registrations (the focus of the contest):

    "We have an affiliate relationship with and it is possible and even likely some subscriptions to the fan club paid us a commission, generally 5%, or $2.00. ... "

    That is a SERIOUS conflict of interest. Not long after this was revealed, discussion ensued among forum members about its ramifications. This was the response from Wise (I’ve placed the most disturbing portion in bold-face font):

    “So, I'm done messing with this discussion as it's just running around in circles. I have spent valuable time I did not have messing with this subject.

    To those who are ****ed off Dustin won: Whether you showed your cards here or not, leave now. I don't wish you to be using our resources ever again.

    I await emails with your user accounts so I may close them.

    No more discussion on this topic will be allowed."

    Wise then proceeded to lock down the thread and, within an hour, erased the entire thread from public view (except for that final posting).

    Essentially, if you didn’t like the outcome but still respected Wise and Dustin enough to keep quiet, PHILIP WISE STILL WANTS YOU GONE!!

    I say that we give him exactly what he wants, but I offer these amendments:

    Terminate your user accounts and permanently leave Rebelscum IF:

    1) If you are self-respecting SW fan and/or collector.
    2) If you understand and accept a person’s right to their own opinion.
    3) If you understand that a true fan community embraces all members who act with civility and mutual respect.

    I still have multiple transactions with several members, and I will see those through until the end. After the last transaction is finished, I will be submitting my request to have my user account terminated and my collection page permanently deleted from the archive. I am washing my hands of Rebelscum.

    Please do the same…whether you’re a casual fan, an established forumite, or even a Rebelscum moderator. There are plenty of hospitable websites out there for us, and it’s time Mr. Wise and company learned that they’re not the only fish in the sea.

    Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. If you're on board, please let others know about this inexcusable blemish on the Internet SW fan/collector community.
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    I agree and will be more than happy to "accomodate" Mr. Wise. Except for the collector pics on their front page, I think that site is useless.

    If it were up to me this thread would be a sticky.
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    I don't have an account there, there is to much to read here on a daily basis.
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    It doesn't bother me much that Dustin Roberts won. For all I know he's a nice dude.

    But it Wise's response is straight out lunacy. Who does he think he is, the leader of some little banana republic? I'm not an RS member but I kind of wish I was just so I could cancel my account. (I actually tried to join twice despite my reservations about the place, but it was kind of a pain in the arse. I practically had to fax parental approval).

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    I feel that I should make it a point that I'm not and RS member either.
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    Someone I know was already banned from there for behaviour that would have been regarded here as "quaint" at worst.... others, not so much, but I've heard it ain't all funtime over there
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    I heard they once bashed a guy for saying he'd hit a baby, and they kept telling him he was a subhuman who should die even though he obviously had mental issues, and when he finally told them off, he was banned. Funny, no one else was banned over that. Or so I hear.
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    This whole thing is disgusting.
    I would cancel my account, but the only time I ever go to RS is through a link (usually posted here).
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    In point of fact, it is his Banana Republic, and he can run his site any way he wishes, get rid of whomever he wants, for whatever reason. These "fan sites" are not public entities owned by the fans, even though they are free to use and provide us all with considerable entertainment value.

    I have no problem with Rebelscum getting a kickback from Hyperspace memberships, I really couldn't give a crap about this Dustin dude, and people who are going onto Mr. Wise's website calling him a crook are wound a little too tightly. Were I him, I would tell ingrates and complainers to kiss my grits, too.

    I'm not a member at RS, but I head over there fairly regularly, as I enjoy seeing the collector's collections and the photo archive. To each his own, and if it is a big deal to you, good luck, but I fail to see why it is such a big deal to anyone.
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    I go there for there to read there 'Just Found' section as there are more locals on that particular thread.

    I don't post there, the only time I did was once when I posted a pic I took on a thread here at SSG and then saw my same pic posted over there without giving credit to me or SSG. I called them on it and got flamed for it, and that was the last of my RS posting experience.

    What I like about this site is that anyone whether they have 10,000 posts or 10 are always included in a conversation. We don't feel the need to flame people. We can respectfully disagree, after all that's were true discussion and learning often takes place.

    As for that otheR Site, if you go there just remember to forget to click on there advertisers, then remember to do so over here
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