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    Emails from the future

    I was cleaning out my bulk mail from yahoo when I noticed the send dates where from the future. This is scary. First a 12 year old girl in a baby's body now this.
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    I got a weird e-mail from two years in the future earlier. It read a lot like this:

    Weird, huh?
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    What's more amazing is your junk mail doesn't have any porn or ads for penis enlargement. Maybe I'm on a different mailing list

    On another topic, I still have a hard time accepting ghostly use of modern technology in supernatural literature or movies. You know, e-mails from beyond the grave, haunted iPods, computers that turn on by themselves. It's just hard for me to suspend disbelief when writers use newer technology in ghost stories.

    On the other hand, I can accept little girls being sucked into televisions, or unconnected telephones ringing, or even collect calls from the other side. Strange but true.
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    My favs are the emails with dates from years ago, they figure if they don't get seen at the top of your list you might somehow not mark them as spam. Real smart thinking, at best the end result is I won't see your email at all!
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    I've got three e-mails from the same guy 2 with a date of January 1st and 1 with a date of Jan 2nd 2032. They have been at the top of my page over a year now. Now if I could remember the keys for the screen capture I could show you.
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    Reminds me of that Dennis Quaid movie Frequency where they were picking up radio transmissions from 30 years into the future on a scratch built crystal radio set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobafrett
    Now if I could remember the keys for the screen capture I could show you.
    Hit "Print Sceen" should be below "Insert". Then either Ctrl+V or Paste to a paint/photoshop program and viola!
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    I've gotten that problem with Spam before also, and I'm not talking about the questionable cuisine from Ausin, MN
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    The time's been off for this site according to my computer's clock, so I often have posted in the future. (for example, this shows at 4:28 pm, while my clock's at 4:22)

    It was like watching the World Cup on two stations where one was 6 seconds ahead, even though both were "live" (well, one was actually "en vivo," pero tu sabe que hablando ). I could've made a bundle of money betting on when goals would occur.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dar' Argol
    Hit "Print Sceen" should be below "Insert". Then either Ctrl+V or Paste to a paint/photoshop program and viola!
    But what if he can't find the "Insert" key? Actually, mine is above the "Insert" key.

    I've never received an email from the past or future, to my recollection anyways.
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