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    Darth Vader's Sith Starfighter

    OK this thread may be a little early...but I had no intention of passing up the opportunity to start the first thread about a toy from a new line.

    Darth Vader's Sith Starfighter is not completely black like I thought (follow the link in SS' thread about the new packaging to see it). It is a normal Jedi Starfighter (circa ROTS) with black highlights where the red/blue/green/yellow/purple highlights were on the 5 previous incarnations. I like it a lot. And i will get many of them if they are as pictured on Hasbro's site. And I will use them in place of all the silly rainbow colored ones with the Jedi pilots regardless of movie accuracy.
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    I also like it. My question is will the release of this vehicle be in the TSC packaging in 06 then in this 30th packaging in '07. From what I thought this was supposed to be a fall 06 release, though the article makes it sound like the 30th isn't starting up till '07
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    I'm sold. I love the design of this fighter (the toy version), but have managed to only buy one of the many versions that have been released - buying a second one isn't going to break the budget, and the color scheme is fantastic.

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    This is, BTW, a legit EU vehicle. It first appeared in The New Essential Chronology.
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    I love the jedi starfighters and like all of the colors they come in. It adds a cool diversity to my displays. I will pick this one up, but I would like to see them hang these and the gunships up for a while.
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    cool I like the idea of this, now if I could just get a sith infiltrator I would be set

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    legit EU
    There are some cannon psychos that would call this an oxymoron (No, I'm not one of them).
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    We've got all of this EU yet I still don't see any threads praising the fact that it's all coming out.

    They were hot to jump on Has"blo" when they didn't make any though.

    BTW, this sucks as bad as Darth GI JOE
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    I've liked this ship since I saw it in the aforementioned New Essential Chronology, and it's nice to finally see a "real" picture of the vehicle. I'll be getting this one.
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    It is in TSC case assortments so unless Hasbro actively cancels and delays those waves, it should be in TSC packaging first.

    Will those Imperial logos on the wing panels be big stickers, painted on, or paint-over-sculpting? The pic looks like stickers.
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