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    Anyone else a little pumped for the Mustafar Lava Miner???

    I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to seeing how they do with "the burly Mustafarian" as someone else here called it!

    Seeing the new cardback design was awesome - but seeing one created specifically for an upcoming figure (and a background movie figure at that!!!) got me all hot and bothered errrr excited.

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    I'm very excited to see him, and hope he's at San Diego Comic Con!

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    I was happy to see it and hope it is not just a mock up.
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    I've been waiting for a figure of someone who was surprised by the Mustafar duel, and the Lava Miner fits the bill nicely.
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    yeah this could be an exciting figure. A great pack in could be the droid that Anakin rides on during the duel or perhaps the platform that both Obi Wan and Anakin duel on.
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    Well, no. Not really. Not unless they followed him up with the release of the Mustafar flea and rider and the lava scooping droid that Anakin jumps on top of. Re-release the Mustafar sentry dude and put out some more of the separatists.

    I truly hate just getting a single character from a location and then having to wait years to get another matching character. why do it if there's nothng else to go with it? (obviously there's a few figures that do but you catch my drift.... hopefully)

    a charred Anakin on the medsled with a brand new palpatine figure with decent articulation would be a nice addition. as would his shuttle. As would Padmes ship. As would a control room playset environment without any missile firing cannons and action features. just a decent representation of the room with a gantry leading off it. The Mustafar playset hasbro put out truly stinks big time.

    and as for packing in stuf with burly mustafarian lava miner, he should come with his big bucket on a pole and that is all.

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    I want the Mustafar Lava FLEA. That would be sweet. And we need a Mustafar Nute Gunray with removable limbs.
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    I thought the miners head was the same as Coleman Trebor. Then I looked at the new card and it's close to the same shape, but different. Maybe it's because he's wearing a respirator. Is he the same race as Coleman?

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    No he's a Mustafarian, Coleman Trebor is a Vurk.

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    I have always said that ANY character that gets figurized is great with me. Although I do not feel the anxious anticipation for this figure that I do for some (like the airborn clone coming in the Mace battle pack). I am always glad to get a new character.

    Edit - And they darned well better get my Rebel Sentry that was supposed to come out in the Saga2 line out early next year.
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