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    Whatever became of Grand Admiral Thrawn?

    You guys remember Grand Admiral Thrawn? He used to do the Q&A articles here and originally made that avatar of the boxing glove breaking George Lucas' face.

    I remember some of his collection was damaged when he transported (supposedly) the entire mess of it to one convention or another. I'm not sure which one - but I think it was a Wizard Con or something that I didn't attend.

    Thrawn read all the comics and books and we used to have pretty good EU discussions.

    He also collected every variation and item made - and I know that Saga2's repacks, probably even the OTC repacks from 2004 would have really ticked him off.

    I would probably disagree with him on some possible dislike for the prequels - I don't remember if he was still around and posting when AOTC came out. He certainly was gone from these parts during ROTS. - or I don't know what name he's posting under. Bosskman is using the Lucas face-break avatar however - but I don't think Bosskman is Thrawn. Bosskman was around back in the day when Thrawn was as well - and I don't think Thrawn was allowed to have multiple screen-names to represent himself. If we were allowed to do that, I might have conversations with myself all the time! I'll have to ask JT if exceptions to that rule can be made to allow for handicapped access for schizophrenics here.

    Meanwhile, what does anyone know about Thrawn?

    I met him once, when I first met Steve in person actually - in Denver at Celebration 1 (the Dagobah Convention) in 1999.

    Steve, Thrawn, and I all went to Toys R Us that weekend in Denver, for the first ever Midnite Madness. I barely bought anything as I had to fly home the next day and didn't feel like dealing with the stuff that night - plus figuring that tons of it would be available in stores upon my return to California (I was right of course). But Thrawn and I had talked about how cool Qui-Gon Jinn looked and would probably turn out to be (I was right again) and he was there to witness me getting my very first figure of him (the Deluxe that lightsaber fought). I purposely went in to TRU last along with Steve and Thrawn because none of us were really shopping that night. I think a lot of the people who were, came because they were locals there. But a lot of out-of-town Convention attendees did go too. I saw them at the airport the next day desperately trying to exceed the number of bags they could check and carry-on.
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    I remember that I didn't particularly care for that fellow. Without going into Rancor Pit territory . . . didn't he get into some trouble after comparing then-current world events with Star Wars events? Or was that someone else?
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    I loved talking about The Osbournes with Thrawn.

    I'm sure he's a nice guy but from a Star Wars Internet perspective I thought he was a terrible ambassador for this site with his vitriol.
    Wayyyyyy too bitter.

    And he seemed to have a devotion to Malcolm McDowell, which creeped me out after watching Caligula again for the first time in years sometime last year.

    Wherever he is, I hope he's doing well and I hope he's moved on from this hobby that caused him so much pain.

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    It's kinda hard not to remember Thrawn, I think he was eventually fired from SSG's staff for becoming too vocally rabid and then either left the forum or was banned. Either way, it wasn't pretty.
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    I remember his Q & A segment. He was here for AOTC. Some of his Q & A segments were interesting, but as posted alot of the answers seemed to represent some of his bitter views towards the PT. even though I still enjoyed reading them.
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    I was so going to post "Rukh stuck a knife in his heart" until I realized you were talking about our erstwhile forumite.

    Maybe in a few more years, his impersonator will stop by until his clone is ready.
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    He wasnt banned as he posted in the R2Dee2 thread awhile back. I thought he got into it with some forumites and then left.
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    First off, I made that avatar for Thrawn, it's based off another one of the glove smashing in Kevin Costner's face that Thrawn found and thought would be perfect with Lucas instead - in hindsight, I did pretty well but could have done better.

    Thrawn did ship all his collection to some con that's not around anymore, and the shipping company did indeed damage some of it. Thrawn, Steve, and our late friend Marilyn worked really hard to make that "museum of SW Hasbro toys" exhibit.

    Thrawn got disgusted with the state of Star Wars, he really disliked Ep 1 and thought even less of Ep 2, grew sickened of the Special Editions, still hasn't even seen Ep 3, and grew tired of lots of junky merchandising. The Prequels and SEs sullied his view of Star Wars, he's been in the process of selling off his vast collection for quite a while now, and is only keeping a few select pieces (like the OT THX laserdiscs).

    Thrawn is still into the other stuff he was into before, and his geocities Malcolm McDowell page is the most visted Malc fan site on the web.

    Quote Originally Posted by Basker
    I think he was eventually fired from SSG's staff for becoming too vocally rabid and then either left the forum or was banned.
    No, that's totally wrong, he quit SSG, wasn't fired. But now he's a legend, eh? Steve and Thrawn got into a huge fistfight, both walked away bleeding and broken... ok, maybe not. Actually, Thrawn talked about coming back and even made a few news articles here last year, he's still into SW references in other media and covered that, but found it wasn't really his bag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    But now he's a legend, eh?
    I hear Thrawn killed his first walrus at the age of six.
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    Since we're now apparently spreading rumors unintentionally, I heard that G.A. Thrawn was busted down to regular Admiral so fast that it made his head spin and therefore was unable to continue his online duties.

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    I hear Thrawn killed his first walrus at the age of six.
    But he killed him a b'ar when he was only four (Davy's still da man! ). And Chux, wasn't it a pirana-walrus, or hawk-walrus, or womp-walrus?
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