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    Who's your favorite Gungan?

    Jar Jar, Tarpals, or Nass ? Choose wisely !

    I vote for any of the Gungan kids romping around in the sacred ruins.

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    I like Boss nass His cool the way he treats everybody
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    Boss Nass rocks!!!

    Brian Blessed did such a great job with him. Nice balance between powerful and comical.

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    Nass gets my vote too. You gotta love the only fat Gungan in the movie.

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    I like Nass, and I like Binks, but my vote goes to Tarpals. This is strictly based upon the line, "Ouch time!"
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    Originally posted by Fulit
    Nass gets my vote too. You gotta love the only fat Gungan in the movie.
    I seem to remember seeing a background Gungan in the temple scene who was shorter than the others and rather plump. Did anyone else notice this?

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    No. No they didn't.

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    I liked Nass, I thought his stuff was pretty interesting, but ultimately, I thought Tarpals had the most integrity so he's my choice.

    I would have liked to have seen more Gungans doing stuff in their city, interacting, talking in their language instead of that pidgin Enlish that Jar Jar and the others spoke. I liked the ones that were shocked by Jar Jar and the humans entering their city, they spoke a snipit of Gungan and acted nervous.
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    Tarpals gets my vote for favorite Gungan. He just looks cool.

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    Thumbs up

    I vote for Tarpals too.
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