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    Sideshow's 12" Jabba the Hutt

    I can hardly believe it! We are finally getting a 12" scale Jabba et al! June 21st...of next year? Now that is an advance preview.
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    I'm in absolute shock. What an AMAZING idea - what AMAZING execution. Great job, Sideshow.

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    No, July 21st of this year, 2 days from now. They made a typo, it's corrected now.

    I wonder what it'll be made of, the way it's sculpted in that photo I don't think it could move even 1 arm, so I'm guessing it's a flexible outer material.
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    I can't believe it. This is a great way to start off the line.

    Here is the Preview pic if you haven't seen it showing all five pieces to Jabba's Palace.
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    Damn, I dont have the money for it. I wish it was next year.
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    1:6 scale Jabba with Dias is out of control cool! I will own it all - lord knows where I will put it, but I'll figure it out. Hell, I'll put him out on my patio and scare away the pesky birds!

    I am very happy Sideshow has the 12" license - just awsome!
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    All of it looks brilliant, but WHAT is with the short notice? (...and no hint of the price.)

    Quote Originally Posted by JT
    I wonder what it'll be made of, the way it's sculpted in that photo I don't think it could move even 1 arm, so I'm guessing it's a flexible outer material.
    If you dig around the Sideshow site you can find a 3-D view of the figure, and from looking at that I'd say it's going to be one big rotocast vinyl figure, with two articulated arms.
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    Abosolutely Awesome. Words can't express the complete and utter coolness of the Jabba stuff. I'm more stoked now about collecting I almost want to cry. Between this and the newly announced Neca MOTU stuff I'm gonna explode.
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    Yeah, that short notice seems kinda shady and then to only have it going for 5 days?!
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    Well I saw Jabba in person and he is amazing!

    It made me rethink having not ordered the 12" Luke Skywalker as I'd always hoped for Jabba, but planned to use my Hasbro 12" with him:

    Leia Boussh from Hasbro
    Luke Jedi from Hasbro
    12" Chewie in Chains (ha!)
    Lando in Skiff Disguise
    Han Carbonite Block
    Gamorrean Guard
    Hasbro Bib Fortuna
    12" Electronic Boba Fett

    Actually, most of them still won't look half bad. Leia Boussh from SideShow is really tempting. I'll probably skip that.

    But Jabba set me back:

    $119 for Jabba
    $199 for his throne
    $32 for all the little creatures like Salacious:
    $350 for the whole thing, plus tax, plus shipping

    - and spent in the first 5 minutes I walked into Comic Con! I'm hopeless!
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