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    Good God that MR Falcon is the coolest.

    If anybody has checked out coverage of the SDCC, their studio scale Falcon totally waxes the Code 3 Falcon. I'm terribly afraid of what the cost will be on something so incredibly cool. Man, with the light up engines and cockpit, this thing is pretty close to the Holy Grail.

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    linky linky to piccy piccies?

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    Here's a quote from Yodasnews:

    [FONT=Times New Roman] If so, it is going to cost ya. The Millennium Falcon Studio Scale goes on sale July 25th at 9 a.m. PST for their Collector's Society members, and for the general public July 27th at 9 a.m. PST. The MF will begin shipping late winter, and the edition size is 1500... But wait, there's more!

    For the first time, Harrison Ford has teamed up with MR to include his signature with 500 Millennium Falcon pieces! On sale at the same time as the regular Studio Scale, the Signature Edition piece will be $2,799.

    And if you are a CS member, don't forget to use your coupon!
    [FONT=Verdana]I've searched for pictures but came up empty handed. When I read it I thought of this but I'm not 100% sure if this is MR or not. If it is then they're also coming out with an ENOURMOUS Dagobah as well.

    Judging by the $2,800 price point I think I may be correct though.
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    That's the Attakus falcon you linked to there slick, it's scaled to roughly 3 3/4 figure size. bloody huge as well. I'd rather have the Attakus version than a full falcon but still wanna see the MR piccies just coz people are saying it's so good.

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    That's it!!! I couldn't think of the name of the company for the life of me. It's not the MR one but the Attackus one does go for around $3,000 or so.

    Much like DADDYSPANTS I'd rather have the Attackus one.
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    Mr DP, for a couple of pics you can head to the SSG homepage, click on SDCC coverage, then head on into the MasterReplicas "studio scale" area. Three pics, but it's enough to see the detail (though hard to appreciate the scale of the piece).

    Or you can just click this:

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    Umm, JJ, go to page 2 and see the rest of the pics. And your a cop......
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    Here is a link to a gallery at RS that shows the new MR Falcon lit up. I assume it will cost more than your average MR toy, but I would be hugely surprised if it went for anything near what the Attackus diorama goes for. $3,000 is a lot of loot.

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    Thanks for the link JON9K. That is definitely a sweet piece. The light up feature in the cockpit is an added plus.
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    it's very cool looking and the detailing is excellent. What scale is it? what's the overall dimensions?


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