Say "goodbye" to your money and "hello" to an instant 12-inch-scale miracle as the first entries in the 12" Scum & Villainy line are available for preorder.

Jabba the Hutt, his Throne, and the Salacious B. Crumb creature pack which of course includes Jabba's kowakian lizard-monkey buddy are all now available for preorder from Sideshow and expected to ship the first quarter of 2007 - your credit card will be charged only when the items ship, so you get to wait to say "goodbye" to that money for another half-year. Each piece currently available is an exclusive in some way:

- Jabba the Hutt Inclusive Edition is available for preorder from today until July 26th at 6pm pacific time, and includes the exclusive Jabba's ornate cup accessory. $119.99.

- Salacious B. Crumb Creature Pack Inclusive Edition is also available for preorder from today until July 26th at 6pm PST, and includes Salacious, Wol Cabashiite (with bendy tongue and magnetic body), a Worrt, a Sand Skitter, and the exclusive addition is a Dwarf Varactyl creature. $32.99.

- Jabba's Throne Environment in the US is exclusive to Sideshow, you can only get it through them, and has the frog bowl, hookah, pillows, fabric drape, and all the detailing straight from Return of the Jedi. $199.99, also available in 3 flex-pay installments.

Visit Sideshow's website to preorder any or all of these entries in the 12" Scum & Villainy line.