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    Talking Funny names (last names and otherwise)...

    My friend Bruce, whom some of you met at Celebration III, works for a guy who's last name is "Thing". Yes, you read that correctly and it is pronounced just the way you expect it. Of course, when I saw that his boss's last name is "Thing", I asked if his daughter was "Ms Thing". Bruce told me that his boss was taking "some things" to a different office and I asked if those were his kids! Are his relatives the "other things"???!!!!

    Also... I love the name "Pujols"!! "Poo holes"??!!!! Are you for real???

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    There is a guy back home in Michigan who's name is Harry Sackrider! I friggin' kid you not and guess what street he lives on? Bush St! Once again I kid you not.

    Just ask Cappy and Rocketboy.
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    My mom supposedly had a high school teacher named Ophelia Tettes.

    I went to college with a fellow of Vietnamese decent whose last name was Ho. He went by his middle name, Dang. I always wondered why, since this meant he was referred to as "Dang Ho," and that sort of name was asking for trouble. Then the school put out their campus directory, which listed everyone by first name - middle initial - last name. Turns out the first name he never went by was "Phuc." Now it's not pronounced anything like the way it looks in English, but use your brain and put together how it was listed in the directory. Nice guy, but an unfortunate name.
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    Oh... I believe you!!!

    My friend Laura's went to school with a guy named Boogamiere Jones. I went to school with a girl with the last name of "Sexhauer"

    Yeah... there's always a Ho.
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    Well, I don't want her getting no prank calls, but my mother-in-law is Vietnamese, and has a beautiful name that's pronounced "yoom." Trouble is, whoever originally transcribed this rather common name into English ages ago spelled it, for some reason, D-U-N-G. People never seem to believe it's really her name when they read it.
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    I know... those Vietnamese and Southeast Asian names can be troubling.
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    Some of the funny customer names I have run across at work:

    Harry Bush
    Burley Dick
    Sandeep Dipsh*t
    Hans Saulo(pronounced Han Solo, I talked to this guy)
    Mary Widowmaker
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    If you go there... Tangy Smithers! She was really nice, though.
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    My mothers maiden name was Heck and her best friend in High school last name was Boner and she tells me kids used to say "Oh HECK it's a BONER." For some reason my 1st and last name was made fun of for years, until I grew up and beat the crap those morons.
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    Mike Hawk sounds like a good guy.
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