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Thread: Endor Wave

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    Endor Wave

    Has anyone actually found these in large numbers at retail? I've been checking around lately, and have only seen a couple instances of the Tatooine/Snowtrooper/Cody case.
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    I've found it at a WM, though I don't know that I'd say "large numbers."
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    i've found one Moff Jerjerrod thus far. large numbers indeed!

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    They had put out 2 cases this AM at the wal-mart nearest my house. This isn't exactly midnight maddness amounts, but I was happy to see them.

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    I've seen the Endor wave twice. Both times it was only 1 case and at the same Wal-mart.
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    I have only found two different figures, 3 total at 2 different stores. I bought all three, still need Chief Chirpa, DSG, 3po.
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    In the last week I have seen at least ten cases stocked between 2 nearby Wal-Marts and a Target. I have only picked up one figure so far (the DS Gunner).
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    I walked into the local WM and they had 8 of each figure and 2 or 3 of the new titaniums. But I haven't seen them anywhere else but I also haven't really been looking either.
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    I found the the Ewok Diety Threepio today at Walmart and it only rang up for $5.00. Did I miss something about price changes. It was only about three weeks ago that I bought the entire Tatoonie wave at the same Walmart and each was $5.88. Not complaining but I just wished I followed my instints this morning and checked out Walmart earlier. Oh well there's always next time.
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    Found in my area though not by me have been C-3PO, Moff Jerjerrod, Death Star Gunner, Chief Chirpa. Are the Emperor, Vader, Endor Rebel troopers, and Luke shipping with the first case assortment?? I ask becasue of those people who have found them, the Emp, Vader, Rebel troopers and Luke have not been found.
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