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    Not exactly a prop...

    I've had this a very long time.

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    What exactly is it? From the looks it may be part of a movie reel but I can't be sure.

    BTW, they spelled it wrong. It's not KERNER it's KENNER.
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    When I was in grammer school a friend of mine used to ride his bike to ILM and raid the dumpsters. Security wasn't as tight as it is now.

    And Kerner isn't misspelled. I fI understand it correctly ILM used to film under the psudonym of Kerner Company. Anyone have more information on this?

    Kenner makes toys.

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    The whole Kerner/Kenner was a joke. I know that Kenner makes toys.

    So is it part of a film reel for Empire Strikes Back?
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    Sorry, I hadn't had coffee yet. Slowly waking up.

    It's a film marker for when they were filming their parts. The number started off as a '1', but they covered it with tape to write over it. I've been sitting on it since 1979 when he grabbed it. He'd come to school with bits of models and tons of paper.

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    Whats the size on that item aarkwilde?

    If I remember correctly, Lucasfilm tags all their props. So when it says Speeder #4 it may go to a Snowspeeder, Speeder Bike or a general air speeder prop. The Sequence Snow Battle should refer to where it is being used in the film as a refrence.
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    The sheet is 8.5x11". We think it was used to identify scenes during filming.

    I know it's not worth anything, but very definitely one of a kind. I haven't seen others from other scenes, and don't know if Bill rescued others. This is the only thing I ended up with.


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