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    Thumbs up rjarvis' very own glory & facilitation thread

    not only did his furutavoy arrive in trade for my galac just as promised, he also enclosed 3 xtra furutas in hopes i can find them good homes, either here on the forum or locally: a ferengi, a 1701 and a jemhadar on related note, excerpt of his accompanying email to me:

    one quick favor (yes, i know i'm in no position to ask for futher favors,
    -why do you say that, ye who's providing me w/a furvoy?

    but that's never stopped me before) would you ask b'jr if he has a narn dreadnaught mm he'd be willing to part with and if so, what would he take in trade for it?
    -the orange one? If he had an xtra he just might trade it for the 3 xtra furutas you're sending along alas, iirc he only has one, which he inexplicably scorched black with a lighter when we found it for him years ago ($2.50 for the 3-pak as i recall). but i'll check when i get a chance, he's been a bit elusive lately- apparently just got a $60k dividend from investing in a pal's company and is likely frittering it away on some non-toy foolishness
    the blue one (narn heavy CRUISER), on the other hand, i'm sure he has more than one of

    i just really don't want to pay the extortionist prices being asked in ebay...
    -how much are they asking lately? cuz there may be another option: if b'jr doesn't have an xtra, iirc a local shop has a set for ~$45, in which case he may be persuaded to buy & keep the ef1 & marie celeste from it & let you have the nhd in xchange for the 3 furutas you sent along, plus a couple things i can throw in to sweeten the pot. you don't need all 3 eh? just lost your nhd, or don't like the other 2? (i'd find the latter hard to believe, they're cool enough )

    so everyone, in case bjr's not a viable source, maybe someone here has a lead on how we can get rj the heavy narn mm he seeks?
    thanx again rj

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    I didn;t know he was still around. Does he come here often?


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