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Thread: Cruel Nicknames

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    Cruel Nicknames

    How many of you guys have mean nicknames for people at work or school that amost everybody know but the person who bears that nickname. I have 2 jobs. One is the Army, the other is construction. As many people may know, these two work environments are breeding grounds for some of the most cruel nicknames possible. Here are a few of my favorites:

    The boss's secretary, who nobody likes because she's a real beehotch, is know as "Grimace".

    A girl in my unit whose last name is Osborne is called "Stillborn".

    The fat, useless adjutant in my unit is known as "Bacon Back".

    An even fatter warrant officer in another unit is known as "_ _ _ Splatter", or just plain "Splatter".

    The corner of my office at work where all the foreign engineers work is known as "Asian Town" or "the Spicy Corner."

    My old CP Tech was known as "Moobs", "Fatbody", "Fatback", and "Backboobs". (man I miss Moobs)

    The old guy in my office who sleeps more than he works is known as "Razor Ramone" for some reason

    I'd probably cry if I found out what people call me...
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    There is a dude at my job who looks like a dead ringer for Kip from Napolean Dynamite, so needless to say he is nick named Kip.

    There was a guy I used to work with that talked like Mugsy from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. I started calling him Mugsy one day and the name stuck with him for years and as far as I know until today also.

    Another guy we used to hang out with wore the same Heineken shirt for a week straight, so he got called Heiny.

    Another guy passed out on the toilet at a prty I had and ummm....forgot to wipe. So he was called Skippy(as in peanut butter) for years also.

    Then another one had a haircut like Wembley from Fraggle Rock, so he was called Fraggle.

    So many people, cant remember them all.
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    We call my boss "Douchebag," because he's a douchbag (DB for short).

    Also at work, there's this nasty chick named Megan with a thick toungue we call Megan Man or Man Hole (I came up with both).

    There was another chick who was pretty hot, but had man-ish hands, so of course she was Man Hands (ripped that one from Seinfeld).

    I have two older women who work for me, Nora and Cindy, that are annoying as all get out, and to me they may as well be the same person. I merged them into "Nordy," which actually has stuck with the other guys.

    Another chick made the mistake of doing some dance stretch in plain view of us, so of course she's been "Pretzel Girl" ever since.

    The nickname "Butter Face" has been passed on to a few different girls, the kind who are very nice to look at, "but her face..."

    There are some we have for guys that they actually know about, like one of my co-workers took to calling an African American guy on our team "Token," which the guy really didn't mind, and actually kinda liked for some reason.

    My other co-worker is Brian Stewart, but he's always been Beef Stew for some reason.

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    we have cruel nicknames for the local scalpers in the l.a. finds thread, isn't that enough?

    the nicknames at my work aren't as cruel...we have "blondie" who isn't a natural blonde, only dyed it that way and apparently all the peroxide has reduced her head to just a brain cavity with no brain. we have "the queen", who despite not even being part of management, expects that everyone do her bidding lest they be faced with her wrath. we also have this inside joke of switching people's last names, usually with one of a person who is worthy of a cruel nickname.

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    I've had more ncknames for people I went to college with. While my friends and some of our non-friends were given nicknames the best ones usually went to people that were in my classes that I saw but didn't personally know. There was this red-headed kid that geeked up to the teacher that was nicknamed Rusty, and this chick that every dang class sat next to me and ate a special-K cereal bar. She was Special-K
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    I was called "GI" which is short for gimp, because of my walk. This was by a co worker when I managed a 7-Eleven. Also my son's mom and I got into a fight one day and as she chased me through my apartment complex she yelled "Look at the gimp, look at the gimp" to which I replied "oh, that coming from the toothless wonder" (not that good a comeback, but her whole top row of teeth and most of her bottom teeth were false.)
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    I had some pretty mean names for my little sister. Most of them I can't (or should) say here. But my two favorite are ok. "Moronanna" is quite possible my all time favorite. This name comes from the fact that she could be a little slow on the up take and in middle school I made a point of letting her know I was smarter than her. "Creepy" would be number two. I think most of us have called a younger sibling a creep before. I just took it on step farther.
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    Bosskman's fat based names for George Lucas are pretty unimaginative.

    There's an old cleaning guy at work who is called "Skeletor" by many people behind his back...I think it's kind of mean but I'll be damned if the guy doesn't look very skeletal.

    This one lady has been given the moniker of "Earmuffs" since you want to put on a pair of earmuffs if you get stuck by her since she won't shut her trap for one damn minute to let you get away peacefully. Definitely talks too much.

    This other lady, several years ago, got tagged with the name "Pickle Sh--s" since she greased her drawers on account of eating too many pickles and she made this other poor woman look at her large derrier (sp?) to tell her if it was oozing through.

    I'll stop now as I'm about to throw up.

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    A nickname people used to call me was "Skeletor".

    "Grimace" (my boss' secretary) at work is also called "Man Hands", and "J-Cloth" (because she werears a shirt on a mon wed fri one week and tue thur the next that looks like a J-cloth)

    I'll have to post later the names me and my buddy had for people at university, I gotta go to work soon.
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    President Bush's nickname for trusted advisor Karl Rove is "Turd Blossom", that always seemed kinda f'd up. Strangely, it's the only one that came to mind when I saw this thread.
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