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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidhuman View Post
    Nice set up John
    Thanks! The new one should be even more extensive, if we ever move into the damn house and get the basement finished.
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    Finally Photographed my SW Toy Collection!!

    Sorry for the shameless plug here, guys.

    I just did not know where else to post the announcement that I've finally photographed my goofy STAR WARS toy collection room and posted the photos over in the collections album forum of Sir Steve's!

    Feel free to check out the photos and tell me what you think!
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    Well, you're certainly a vehicle and figure case king, heh heh.

    Nice pics.
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    In the gen disc section, there is a thread for photo uploads.

    Anyways, very nice collection
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    Nice set-up. Love the all TIE shelf.

    I'll post pic of mine as soon as I get my room redone. I'm in the process of replacing my shelves and adding more space.

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    Wow. Those are the best customs I have ever seen. Those are unique and special collectibles, my friend.

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    No wonder I couldn't find any TIE Interceptors.

    JK, that's awesome!

    So, what's the story behind the giant Millenium Falcon box?
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    So many Tie Fighters...

    Sadly, my hopes that they would somehow go on clearance at TRU to allow me to build a modest fleet never materialized. Maybe someday Target, land of the inevitable clearance, will get them as exclusives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    So, what's the story behind the giant Millenium Falcon box?
    He custom made it to fit his TRU "super" Falcon. Pretty danged sweet.

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    It is pretty sweet but what is with all the TIE's? Just for s**ts and giggles?
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!


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