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    Great collection DARKLORD_67!!! Thanks for posting your photos.

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    In the gen disc section, there is a thread for photo uploads.
    Yeah, I'm gonna move this over there.

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    You can see some of my collection in the first video on my youtube channel:

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    Nice little video there! Nice collection.
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    This is the only thing I can have for display right now, due to the lack of space. For the full collections please look below in the webshots/photobucket links. Once I hope to have enough space to display all my collections SW and non-SW.

    I collect mostly Original Trilogy/Expanded Universe (post-PT) Imperials and droids. No more Prequels collecting for me, with very few exceptions.

    Star Wars

    - Action Fleet and MicroMachines (99% complete collection)
    - Kotobukiya OT/EU Imperials and Droids
    - Medicom RAH OT/EU Imperials (I'll collect Sideshow stuff too, when they decide to release troopers and Vader)
    - Master Replicas/eFX props and scaled replicas (Imperials stuff)
    - Sideshow 1/6 figures (also have the 1/4 Premium Format Vader waiting for a stormie)
    - Gentle Giant - I'm getting a few statues
    - various SW stuff including some action figures (I decided to stop collecting action figs with some small exceptions - no PT at all), patches, books, funny stuff etc.

    Non Star Wars

    - Ghost in the Shell anime figures and everything Masamune Shirow related (Shirow being the creator of Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, Intron Depot, Galhound, Dominion Tank Police etc.)
    - Terminator, Predator, Aliens stuff
    - CD's with electronic/ambient music (have over 1500 original CD's)
    - African and Asian masks and statues
    - stamps (though I didn't update my collection in a while)
    - die-cast cars, tanks and Harley Davidson motorcycles
    - Romanian Playboy Edition magazines (I won't post pics here )

    Can't wait to move to the new house later in 2008, where to display my collections in a better way... Many things in my collection like Action Fleet ships, action figures, some GG statues, Kotobukiya McQuarrie Vader vs Luke, die-cast Harley Davidson motorcycles etc. are still boxed up because of lack of display space in my room. Hope this will change soon.

    My collections - Photobucket link

    My Star Wars collections - Webshots link

    My other collections - Webshots link

    My collection - Rebelscum Registry
    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates but doesn't go away
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    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates but doesn't go away
    My trade feedback


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