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Thread: Luke's hand

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    Luke's hand

    Did he ever get it repaired after it was shot on the sail barge, or did he just walk around with the glove on forever?
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    Hmmmm, All I can remember is seeing it damaged on his flight to Dagobah I believe, but after that I can't remember seeing it again.
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    Actually, he removes the hand and has a friend, Lanny Starkiller, accompany him around to play the role of his right hand. If you look really closely on the Death Star scenes, you can see Lanny running behind Luke, with his arm stuck in Luke's right sleeve.
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    I have never been able to figure out what I was seeing when Luke is on his way to Dagobah, and he is sliding that black glove over his hand. Are we seeing the hole through his hand from that blaster shot on the sail barge? What the heck am I looking at in that scene?
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    the blaster damages the dermolayer covering the mechanisms. if you look at the hand as Luke covers it up you can see one or two of the little pieces appear broken or bent. However the glove is a tight fit and i suppose would just about hold the pieces in place until he can get it fixed. which i would imagine would have been right after the rebel fleet regrouped and the Endor party ended.

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    HE might have gotten it repaired when he met back up with the rebels before they departed from Endor.
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    The book Truce at Bakura may say. I remember Luke getting some sort of medical treatment from the Emperor's lightning in that book.

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    Maybe he got a hand from Hand Solo which awaiting flight to Endor. I hear he's handy to have in a jam.
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    If Luke had it repaired, why would he still be wearing that black glove at the end of ROTJ? If you're asking about the EU though, no clue.
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    he's surprisingly dextrous considering his hand mechanisms looked pretty messed up and broken. he had time to have it seen to when he rejoined the rebel fleet after the briefing. not long but enough to have it looked at. I mean there was a medical frigate in the fleet after all.


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