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    Vintage on sale at Giant Foods!

    I work for a marketing co. and do merchandising at Giant Foods(ownwd by Stop & Shop). They brought in cool little dumps of Vintage at 9.99@ months ago. They are on clearance now at 7.99@(today, Sat. is the last day of the sale). Almost every Giant I cover has had biker scouts & Lukes in stock. Just F.Y.I. They are usually in seasonal aisle in a dump or on shelves near Superman Returns action figures. Hope this helps if anyone needs more of the two Target doesn't seem to have at their clearance prices.
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    Hmm, not sure California even has Giant Foods. They have Gigante though, a Mexican supermarket
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    Giant is where I got all of my vintage figures. They were "on sale" for $9.99 the whole time they had them, kind of like their Hot Pockets are always on sale. I don't know what they have left, I may get another Tusken.
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