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    Hasbro says: "We WILL do Willrow . . ."

    . . . eventually. Here it is from JediDefender:
    3. OK, ToyFare #109 is now available at comic and book stores everywhere. In that issue, we finally get the news that Quinlan Vos and Darth Revan were selected as the winner(s) of the latest Fan Choice poll.

    Willow Hood (the Ice Cream Maker Guy) seems to have a huge fan following among collectors. He even has enough of a fan following at Hasbro to be included in the joke wave presented during the Comic-Con panel.

    Even though Willow didn't win the Toy Fare Fan's Choice poll, when can we expect to see him on the pegs? He'd make a nice two-pack if you paired him with a new super-articulated Bespin Han or Bespin Luke (hint, hint). You've got 12 more years ('til 2018), so you have to get to him eventually, right?

    OK, it was cruel perhaps to include him (and Yarna) among a group that we would obviously never do. We WILL do Willrow eventually, but there is no timetable for his debut. In any case, it won't be in the 2007 line which is already put to bed.
    So it's looking good for Yarna as well, maybe. Hopefully they stick to their word.
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    I saw this too and will take it as a 'hasbro apology' of sorts - as long as they do these two, cool. If I were Hasbro I would make them an exclusive to a store and make the fans pay for it - I would pick them up for sure.
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    Somebody text message Tycho.
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    Yeah after reading that yesterday and opening up a 3PO with Ewok Throne, I have some faith left in hasbro.
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    I note they didn't say Yarna was coming (though the comments could mean she is coming in 2007 and they didn't want to say yet). I will believe we get Yarna when I see a prototype.

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    hasbro was playing you guys all along

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    But more importantly, Hasbro acknowledged that Yarna and the Ice Cream Guy were included among others that would "obviously" never be made. The point should not be lost. There's a difference between Yarna and the other guys: she's not among those that would obvioiusly never be made.

    That's what I've been saying: Hasbro probably threw her in because she made their joke more credible.

    Seriously, if I were Hasbro I would never apologize for that joke. People need to just chill out. I bet they eventually make that fat-arsed alien with the six pack. Then all will be right with the world and world peace will break out.
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    I think now would be a good time for somebody to make some campaign avatars for Yarna/Hood '08.

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    When they are on a confirmed list with pics, then I will be giddy, until then, we just wait.
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    I want Yarna but I don't want Hood.


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