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    Figures with dialogue that aren't made yet...

    Some of you may remember a thread I did a while back about which characters were named on screen and had dialogue that still hadn't been made into figures.

    With Commander Cody being made there are now six left in that category: Kitster, Corde, Dorme, Queen Jamilla, Cliegg Lars, and Captain Needa. An elite group some of which I doubt will ever see plastic.

    There are 14 characters who had five or more lines of dialogue but have never been made into a figure:

    Phantom Menace:
    1. Daultay Dofine (10 lines)
    2. Kitster (7 lines)
    3 Tey How (5 lines)
    Attack of the Clones:
    4. Cliegg Lars (22 lines)
    5. Jocasta Nu (8 lines)
    6. Queen Jamilla (6 lines)
    7. Dorme (5 lines)
    Revenge of the Sith:
    8. Padme's Medical Droid (6 lines)
    A New Hope:
    9. Red Leader (34 lines) - I know there was a packin figure with an
    X-Wing called Red Leader, but nothing about that figure was Red Leader.
    They labeled a generic pilot Red Leader (I also know someone could make
    the same argument for Jerjerrod, but at least Jerjerrod was individually
    carded and not some generic packin). Does anyone feel like they
    have a Read Leader figure? Also, Red Leader could have more than 34
    lines. It is hard to tell who is saying what during the attack on the Death
    Star sequence.
    10. Imperial Officer on the Death Star who informs Vader there is no one on the
    Falcon (9 lines). Does anyone know this guy's name?
    11. Imperial Officer that says, "TK421 why aren't you at your post?" (5 lines)
    Anyone know this guy's name?
    Empire Strikes Back:
    12. Captain Needa (9 lines)
    13. Deck Officer that tells Han Luke hasn't come in the South Entrance (5 lines) Anyone know this guy's name?
    Return of the Jedi:
    14. Imperial Pilot of Vader's shuttle that says, "Starting our approach" at the very beginning of the film. Anyone know this guy's name? (5 lines)

    Cliegg and Red Leader are the standouts as both have over 20 lines of dialogue.

    I think Willard, the Yavin Flight Technicians (rumored), and Toyrrn Farr should get honorable mentions as they are figures from the original trilogy that had dialogue that wear unique outfits. Most of the other people in the original trilogy that had a couple lines of dialogue that haven't been specifically made were either a Rebel or an Imperial in a uniform we do have a figure of.

    I don't expect to ever see figures of some of these folks (and don't care about some of them), but would like to see a Daultay Dofine, Kitster, Tey How, Corde, Cliegg Lars, Jocasta Nu, Queen Jamilla, Dorme, Padme's Medical Droid, Willard, Red Leader, Yavin Flight Crew Technician, Toyrrn Farr, and Captain Needa to really get the figures with a lot of dialogue, particularly from the original trilogy.

    That is all.

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    I liked Captain Needa, cool choked out I believe after the Falcon came outta the worm hole?....."A ship that small can't have a cloaking device?"
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    From AOTC: "Hi-Yah!" Girl (hey, it's a line)

    From ESB: The officer who looks like Scott Bakula

    I'd consider Beru Whitesun and young Owen Lars to be "never made."
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    ROTS Nute Gunray
    ROTS Rune Haako

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    I just noticed the caveat about "5 or more lines," so I'll have to retract the first two suggestions I had. Of the bunch, I'd say the most needed are Tey How (a Neimoidian, sure, but, damn, she looks cool), Kitster (likely packed with Wald, who I think had at least five lines?), Jocasta Nu (a b****y old woman with a lightsaber!), and Cliegg.

    Also, if you count the deleted scenes, I believe everyone's favorite, Jira, qualifies as well.

    I would not mind seeing an online exclusive Evolutions set of "Old Ladies of the Galaxy" with Jira, Jocasta Nu, and a re-done ROTJ Mon Mothma. I've not got high hopes of seeing any of those ever produced on a card (and I think Jocasta has the best shot at that, being a Jedi).
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    Ben Quadrinaros, Anakin's friends (the girls and that bastage redhead kid), and the eye droid on Jabba's Palace door had dialogue. And if we count deleted scenes, there's also young Greedo, the Naberrie family, Fang Zar, Giddean Danu, and Bana Breemu.
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    Owen, Beru, Nute Gunray, and Runke Haako all have had figures made of them, so they were not included as never before made figures. (I know, I know, they made a Red Leader, but I challenge one person to say they feel that figure counts as Red Leader.)

    I did not include deleted scenes.

    Wald only had one line, "You're such a joker, Ani." I did not include characters who did not speak basic unless they had subtitles. Quadrinaros and Jabba's door basically had sound effects, not dialogue.

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    I'd like a better Red Leader figure. He'd be a good candidate to be in a boxed set of x-wing pilots much like the Imp Conference Room set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Droid
    10. Imperial Officer on the Death Star who informs Vader there is no one on the
    Falcon (9 lines). Does anyone know this guy's name?
    11. Imperial Officer that says, "TK421 why aren't you at your post?" (5 lines)
    Anyone know this guy's name?
    I think #10 might be Captain Khurgee. According to the SW Encyclopedia, he ordered a scanning crew to search the Millennium Falcon. Here is the Decipher card -

    #11 might be Lt. Pol Treidum. The Encyclopedia says he was responsible for maintaining magnetic field atmosphere and security in the docking bay. Here is his Decipher card -

    And Lt. Shann Childsen was the guy in the detention area that said "Where are you taking this 'thing'. " His card is here -

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    What I'd like to know is how the **** did Kitster end up with more lines in ONE movie than Beru ended up with over TWO movies? (and it's only 1 word, at that)


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