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    Why doesn't someone make 80s movie figures?

    I'm dead serious here.

    McFarlane and SOTA and similar companies have made some killer figures in the Movie Maniacs and Now Playing lines, mostly focused on horror and sci-fi. But what about the (mostly) cheesy 80s movies we all watched over and over as kids and still adore to this day?

    I'm thinking characters like:

    Harry from Harry & the Hendersons
    Johnny-5 from Short Circuit (perhaps with a Short Circuit 2 version as a variant)
    Sloth, Chunk, and Data from The Goonies
    The Gremlins (if the license is available again)
    decent ET figures
    Bill, Ted, Billy, Socrates, Rufus, and Napoleon from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
    the Martians from Spaced Invaders
    Teen Wolf
    Adventures in Babysitting (sounds dumb, maybe, but wouldn't a Marvel Masterwork style figure set of the movie poster kick arse?)
    Daniel-San and Miyagi from The Karate Kid

    And, possibly more than any other beloved 80s film:
    Westley, Buttercup, Enigo, Fezzik, and Humperdinck from The Princess Bride

    Like I said, I'm dead serious.

    You know as well as I do that such a line would sell like hotcakes.

    Because you'd be second in line behind me buying them all. (Okay, I'm passing on the Short Circuit 2 variant of Johnny-5. That sequel kinda blew chunks.)
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    we are looooooong overdue for some good "princess Bride" figures. That would be a great license and it would probably sell really really well.
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    Let's add some to the list that slipped my mind last night:

    The Dark Crystal
    Pee Wee's Big Adventure
    Cat's Eye (I'm thinking a "troll vs cat" two-pack)

    And jumping from movies for a bit, Alf.
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    But weren't there Peewee Playhouse figs when the show was out? It's not like there never were anything, just nothing lately.
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    The actors may not approve licensing their images or the fees might be too prohibitive. NECA had plans to do the Ghostbusters in Series 2 but the actors either refused outright or there were conflicts about money.

    I always thought the studios/investors retained the licensing/merchandising rights and the actors were basically cattle that could be exploited. But then Lucy Liu blocked release of her action figure from Kill Bill. So maybe the actors have some say about the licensing of their images.
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    What about Space Balls? There could be all kinds of great figs. with that movie. Not to mention accessories such as a giant comb. Think about it!

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    IT is a good idea and hopefully I would buy some of these figures. I would get some Back to the Future figs also.
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    Karate Kids 1-3 would be awesome, including Cobra Kai variants in their skeleton costumes.

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    you mean you don't want Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink figures? and due to his vast amount of work during that era, corey feldman deserves at least one figure.

    i have a diecast back to the future delorean somewhere. i'd love to see a marty, doc brown, einstein, biff, george mcfly, lorraine

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    I'd buy some Revenge of the Nerds and Porkys figures.
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