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    Who's geting the TIE Bomber?

    I am! It looks awesome!!!

    You guys?
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    It looks very nice, but I don't have any room for it. Luckily, the TIE Interceptors around here all sold, so there is an interest for vehicles like this...

    Of course, for testimonial, you might want to ask these guys...

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    I definatly am, infact I have had them on pre-order from Planet Action Figure since around oh, I think September.

    Same place I got the B-Wing and the Tie Interceptor from. Infact I also have the crashed Snowspeeder on pre-order as well.

    Im suprised that the AT-ST hasn't popped up on there yet. I hope it does soon, I would rather buy them thru there and spend a few bucks extra then try to find them in stores.

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    Thumbs up

    There is no try,buy or buy not. I will be getting this for sure.
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    I've wanted this vehicle for over 20 years now, even if I am giving up on Star Wars collecting, I still plan to buy one of these.
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    I will definately get one if I am lucky enough to find one in my area. I still havent seen any of the B-Wings here yet.
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    yeah, im gonna get it no matter what!
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    I hope to get two of them and three of the crashed snow speeders when they come out. Hopefully Wal-Mart Canada will be stocking these babies otherwise it will be a pain to pay US$ + Exchange + Duty.
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    I will definite will be getting it. The bomber looks so cool.
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    Hey, Darkross, if you order stuff from PAF they mark it as a gift with an obscenely low value so you NEVER get charged duty. Shipping and exchange is all you have to worry about. It's only $79.99 US for the pair and I too have a pre-order for these though PAF as Hasbro Canada tends to...uh... suck, I guess.
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