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    Since we're getting the OT on DVD......

    ....can we get the two characters that were cut from the SEs? One is the first wolfman we see in the cantina in ANH (NOT Lak Sivrak). The red-eyed one. I believe his species is a Defel. And the other one I want is puppet Sy Snootles from ROTJ. You still have the mold from 1984, don't you? You could just repaint that. Please?
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    I thought Defel (yes, that's correct) wasn't cut, Lak Sivrak is the only one of the 2 that's cut. says both were cut, but have made mistakes in the past. Still, here's Defel and Lak, they're different enough:

    As for puppet Sy Snootles, I think they could use the POTF2 mold and just repaint her (specifically the eyes and mouth), and maybe retool the arms into a better pose.
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