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    Oh boy,i just saw the mothman moive,wow that moive was weird,i mean it's a really good moive but it plays with your mind throught the whole moive,if you haven't seen it yet you should Because it's better in the theaters.
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    I'm not sure if I have herad of this movie. I'll watch for it.
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    i heard that the working title of this film was "hamsterman"

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    it was hamsterman,but they forgot hamsters don't have wings so they made it mothman,also you can veiw the trailure at
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    John Keel...

    It really impressed me that this movie even got made! I read the book John Keel wrote... I must have been like 10 or something. Man...! That book totally creeped me out for months! I'm kinda looking forward to seeing this. I've actually been to Point Pleasant, WV and saw the areas in which the events were to have taken place. Very eerie. Then again... Athens, OH is a pretty creepy place as well!

    I loved the book... I hope I love the movie, too!

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    So the movie is based on actual events?? Did these events take place in WV, or athens OH? And what were the events?
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    I want to see this movie but have heard nothing but bad reviews this film.

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    Probably because Richard Gere is in it. Can't we get some decent actors to do films anymore?
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    Location, location, location...

    Originally posted by THE Slayer
    So the movie is based on actual events?? Did these events take place in WV, or Athens, OH? And what were the events?
    The events took place on BOTH sides of the river near Point Pleasant, WV. There were sightings of a red-eyed winged creature skulking around an old munitions plant and around the hills. People were visited by strange "men in black" and were interrogated by government officials. All of the events led up to the Silver Bridge collapse, which killed 46 people. Strangely enough, the sightings and visitations stopped after the disaster. How's THAT for an X-File, kiddies???
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    What year was this? I think my aunt and uncle were almost on that bridge when that happened, But they were running late.
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