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    Looks like I'm a year late on this one. Somehow I missed it then, but I just bought it and watched it last night.

    Granted, most of the guys who stood in line were fanatics anyway, but what I really want to see is if their opinions about TPM changed after the initial thrill wore off. The one guy flies out of the theater yelling "The critics are on crack!" That opinion seemed oddly familiar. I got to wondering if anyone here might have had a little screentime?

    I haven't watched it with the Kevin Smith narration yet. I know that he wasn't too enthralled with EP I, so I'm hoping for some interesting commentary. That'll be next...

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    I don't think there's much to that Kevers Smith narration stillakid, I think that refers only to his voiceover at the beginning of the documentary . . . I THINK.

    I haven't watched Starwoids in so long, I think I'm long overdue!
    I've seen Trekkies again in the past 6 months, so maybe Star Wars should get their equal time.

    Has anyone seen "A Galaxy Far Far Away" ? I just recently learned of it and it seems to be in the same vein as Starwoids.
    I'd like to give it a try if I can get the DVD for 10 bucks or less.

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    It's $11.51, I'm sorry I can't do any better.
    Back and more bearded than ever before

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    There is a small interview featurette with him on the DVD. He actually speaks somewhat highly of The Phantom Menace. The comentary is with the director of StarWoids, not with Kevin Smith.

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    Pulled out my DVD, here's his quote about E1. The scene isn't captioned or subtitled, so some of the formatting could be a bit off.

    Kevin Smith: "A lot of folks are not big fans of Episode 1. I was not one of those cats. I thought yes, we could have done without a few hundred laps on the pod race. But I didn't go in really expecting that much. I didn't feel like well this movie was gonna take me back to that time and place when I was a kid. I'm gonna be swept up the same way I was, when I was a child. I mean, that time has passed. I'm older.

    You know, granted I still kind of trade in juvenile humor. But I just didn't expect that Episode I would hit me the way that the first three hit me. I mean I was a kid when those flicks hit me. I was flabbergasted when the people were sleeping out on the curb, ya know for months at a time. And lining up to see this flick. The backlash that that movie was gonna face was enourmous. I saw the movie at a press screening before it ever came out.

    And I think I wrote on the website, on our View Askew website that it's going to be very fashionable to bash this movie in another month. Because the anticipation was so high and all the movie really ammounts to is setup for Episode II and Episode III. So it has the unhappy burden of being just only so much a set-up ya know, for movies what I can only assume, only hope are two stronger movies. With that being said, I liked it Episode I. It didn't really bother me as much as it seemed to bother people.

    Yeah, I could have done with a little less Jar Jar, but actually the second time I saw that movie theatrically, when I paid to see it, he made me laugh a couple times. I mean I'm sure that makes me an idiot on some level but, I didn't have the problem with Episode I a lot of people did. I think Episode II is probably going to be quite genius, and Episode III even better. I mean, Clone Wars. Ya know, what could be better then that. "

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    Wanted to bump this thread because I am sort of in a nostalgic mood. Thinking about the "old days" of sw collecting. This was one of my first posts on here (as jangofett96)...Caesar and I talked about making toy runs, jedi starfighter toys and auura sing masterpiece sets, about the starwoids film, and how weird the trekkies fans were compared to the sw fans.


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