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    When will the Academy Awards embrace "geeks"?

    This may sound absolutely stupid, but think about it for a moment.

    The Academy has honored very few science fiction or fantasy movies with anything other than technical Oscars. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is the only one to actually win one. (Even Star Wars lost to Annie Hall. Annie Hall is a great movie, but Star Wars is better, and more enduring.)

    Movies based on comics get routinely screwed. How many have been nominated for serious Oscars? I don't think any. Films like X-Men, Spider-Man 2, or Batman Begins deserve more credit than they get. Hell, Michael Caine should've just been handed an Oscar for his performance as Alfred Pennyworth.

    TMNT didn't even get nominated this year for Best Animated Feature, despite it having the best animation yet seen in a CG cartoon, hands down.

    Oddly, The Incredibles, a film that looks like it was based on a comic but isn't, won Best Animated Feature. But, well, one would have to be a total blithering idiot to even assert that any better cartoon came out that year.

    Tim Burton gets routinely passed over. I'm not saying every movie he makes is great (though I like them all). But why are movies like Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands, and especially Big Fish never included in the running?

    Corpse Bride lost Best Animated Feature to Wallace and Grommit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Not that W&G was a bad movie, but it wasn't especially great, either.

    Speaking of which, why has Danny Elfman been equally screwed? He's been nominated for only three scores (Big Fish, Men in Black, and Good Will Hunting), none of which were his best work. And, between The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, not a single nomination for Best Song. (If you sat through the grueling torture of the three pizza sheets from Enchanted during last night's Oscars, it becomes even more obvious that someone doesn't like him.)

    And, hell, just give Jonny Depp the damned statue already! He may pick quirky roles, but he brings them to life in ways that no one else can. (I don't think it's too far-fetched to make the claim he's the best actor of his generation.)

    Like I said, I'm not about to make the claim that every sci-fi movie, comic adaptation, or Burton flick should sweep the Oscars, or even necessarily get a nomination.

    But there does seem to be some major prejudice against "geek movies" among the voters of the Academy, and sometimes it looks like worthy movies aren't even considered.
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    I stopped watching the academy awards a looooong time ago now for exactly that reason. What irritates me most, is that the film that wins best picture usualy wins just about EVERYTHING else it is nominated for. I think the year Titanic came out was the last year I watched the Oscars. It's just boring and at this point I just don't care anymore about them. Until they start actualy picking movies and actors for these awards that deserve them, I don't think I'll ever watch again.

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    I think the Academy more than made up for their past fantasy/sci-fi snubs when "Return of the King" swept the Oscars a few years back. It's just that there hasn't been anything as groundbreaking as it since then (in that genre at least).

    I do think Tim Burton and Johnny Depp need to win in the near future. Depp's day will come (maybe within the next few years, as he's got another movie based on a Hunter S. Thompson novel coming out as well as a John Dillinger biopic). If Daniel Day-Lewis wasn't in the running this year, perhaps Depp might have won. Burton should have been nominated for directing this year, and "Sweeney Todd" should have been nominated for Best Picture. It was a hell of a lot better than "Juno". While we're on the topic of Oscar snubs, when will they acknowledge Christian Bale's work? That guy's done amazing stuff.

    As far as superhero movies go, I seriously hope that Heath Ledger gets a posthumous Oscar nomination for "The Dark Knight" next year. I know it's unlikely that they'd ever do that (has it even happened before?), and it's crazy for me to even think about this yet as all we've seen is a trailer. But let's face it. From just those two minutes, you can tell that it is an outstanding performance. We'll just have to wait and see.
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    That's why there is a new awards show called the Sci-Fi Horror Fantasy awards or something like that. To honor films, comic book culture and artists, writers etc. They had the second annual one last year on Spike.
    It's not the Oscars but It rocked.
    The audience was full of Rockers, Goths, and Geeks. Musical guests Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie, and a few others.
    One of the Highlights of the show was when Quentin Tarantino called a demon to swoop down and grab a heckler. It was all staged, and the demon dressed guy was on a gy-wire. It was highly entertaining.

    I think he and his fellow director won best film for Planet Terror and Deathproof.

    They even had Harrison Ford receive some kinda lifetime achievement award and the remaining cast of Star Trek there receiving and giving out awards.

    Yeah it was kinda cheezy, but I enjoyed it alot more than the Oscars.

    I do like to find out who wins the best special effects at the Oscars. Which alot of geeks like me want to know.

    Do they even have a separate category for best Sci-Fi-Horror-Fantasy film?

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    Honestly, last night I wouldn't have bothered watching if John Stewart weren't hosting.

    They don't have separate categories at all (aside from Animated Picture, which is kinda their way of saying, "A cartoon ain't never winning a real award, so here's your token award. It will go to the best Pixar movie released in the year, unless Wallace & Grommit have a new movie"). They probably should, though.

    Any genre awards show is going to seem marginalized. I'd like to see "geek movies" get respect from the "establishment."

    Depp + Dillinger biopic? When does this come out? I want to see it already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Depp + Dillinger biopic? When does this come out? I want to see it already.
    It's called "Public Enemies". It's coming out in 2009, and Christian Bale's in it too. In other words, it'll be awesome. Definitely one to watch for.
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    Depp should have been nominated for Donnie Brasco...not that gofy Tim Burton nonsense like Sweeney Todd.

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    Depp should be nominated for just about every role. Even when the movie sucks (and he's been in a few), he turns in a top-notch performance.

    Besides, excellent acting in carpy films getting Oscar nods isn't unprecedented. Diane Lane was nominated (won?) for Unfaithful, which, gratuitous nudity aside , is one of the single stupidest movies ever made.
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    He was really good in A Nightmare on Elm Street, which is my 2nd favorite Depp movie after Brasco.

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    I thought he did a really good job in From Hell. His introductory role in Elm Street is legendary.
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