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    Canceled figures that need to be released!

    The OOM-9 from the Trophy Assortment Line. (Also released in a Red Variant as Geonosis Battle Droid - Commander)

    Droideka from Jar Jar Binks vs. Destroyer Droid 2 Pack

    Obi-Wan Kenobi - Naboo Swamp from Trophy Assortment Line.

    Nute Gunray - Hologram

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    The Nute Holo is something I really want.

    A Red OOM-9 would also nicely round out the arena.
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    I seen a picture of a Geonosian cannon on another site a week or so ago. It looked really cool to me. It was the same type as seen in the BattleFront game. I wouldnt mind my Geonosians having some type of artillery to go with them.
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    I'd be okay with the OOM-9, Obi-wan (if SA) and definitely the Holo Nute.

    Oh and kool-aid killer, you're right, I saw that too and agree it would make a most welcome addition to toy collections. That should be something in a battle pack.

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    What's the difference between this Droideka and the ones that were released? I can't tell.
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    More articulation, and detail. (those hoses on the the arms.)

    And no lame action features.

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    I'd definitely like to see that Droideka too, after the Ep 1 line there hasn't been a single decent Droideka, they all have gimmicks that ruin the figure.
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    Can we also talk about fig's that WERE released but should've been cancelled? Or is there not enough room on the servers for that?

    But, yeah, I'd like to see more of the trophy assortment. Was there both a holo Sidious and holo Maul from E1?
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    I know holo sidious was released as a standard figure, the holo Maul was a light up exclusive from WM.
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