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    Thanks Stillakid.I know now I'm not alone on the Fett thing and your words fit my attitude towards the whole thing perfectly.I can understand the Family story line with the skywalkers but this B-character thing hand me downs and all really bugs me
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Angry I have a bad feeling about this

    I have a bad feeling about this. What is George Lucas thinking? "Return of the Jedi" those ewoks and the zippers on the back of their costumes bad effects in Jabbas palace. Ep 1 Jar Jar binks!The only good thing about Ep 1 was the dual light saber battle in the end of the movie. "new Hope" and The Empire Strikes back" Best Star Wars movies ever made so far. Ep 2 ?
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    I am interested to see the Fett family. I am interested to see the inside of Slave I. I am interested to see if the quote from Vader to Fett on the bridge of the Executor is explained ("No disintegrations.") I don't care if George is capitolizing on the fans likes and dislikes, he is doing something he likes. I hope that some small kid somewhere is interested in Jango like I was with Boba when I saw him (animated) on the holiday special. All I expect are some questions answered, some more raised, and possibly a revelation (eg. Luke's dad...Empire) To answer the question posed, I have my reservations, and as a hardcore Star Wars fan, I'm ashamed to say, I'm REALLY looking forward to Spiderman, because I've been waiting for this movie for twenty years. Maybe a little move Clone presence in advertising will pique my interest and help AotC rise above Spidey.



    Ah... who cares, I'm going to LIVE in the damn theater in May!!

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    From all looks the trailers seem to give us a good hint of this being a greater film than EP 1. We can always look back if you take my opinion that Empire was the best of the original three and hope for the best.

    And for all those doubters these next to films will blow you into the back of the theatre EP 1 was just a backstory, I Hope.

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    Shinji, don't feel bad if you're more interested in something else besides AOTC, this year. There are like 5 movies coming out this year that I have more interest in seeing than E2.

    I don't really want to learn about Boba Fett's youth (hey, good band name!). It seems to me that GL is just using him because of his previous popularity from the OT. Heaven forbid they do something original!

    As for you, Wedge, how do you know that E2 will "blow us to the back of the theater?" Have you seen a sneak preview of the film? You call us doubters, I call you naive. Its nice to be optimistic, but it helps to be a realist.
    "Watch this, I'm going to horrify you into a coma..."

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    hey if ep.II sucks, theres always LOTR.

    But man AOTC? I was able to get used to TMP as the ep.1 title, but I'll prolly just laugh if I say AOTC.

    I think AOTC will be better than Ep.1 anyway, it's suppoed to be less childish and of course GL could learn form him previous mistakes.
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    My only "fear" is the merchandise blunder Lucas & Co. accomplished for Episode I. I want a Jango Fett soap dispenser, but do they really need to make enough for every housewife in Iowa?

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    That's it! Forget the blow up Jar Jar chair. Get Britney Spears in the movie and put blow up Britney chairs in the stores. Guaranteed to sell out.

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    I'm very excited about Attack of the Clones, from all acounts of what I've read, heard, and seen thus far. The Phantom Menace was a fun movie to watch but Attack of the Clones is going to be the true Episode I.
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    Why not? She's half plastic already! Uh, that was pretty bad. She'd come with a voice chip so she could whine and complain every time you wanted to sit down and actually make her useful for something besides looking at. And then she'd demand she be packed with a Justin Timberlake end table. Wow, I bet even Seventeen magazine hasn't been able to use Justin Timberlake's name and the word "end table" in a sentence! I rule. Lance Bass Entertainment center!


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