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    What are these Clones??

    I've just seen this photo on Rebel Scum:

    Can anyone tell me what these orange clones are? Particularly the one 3rd from left (the one on the far right just looks like a slightly modified Cody to me) - I can't remember seeing anything like this one before. Is it an official release I've missed, or a custom? And where is it in the EU? (it's got to be EU, right??)

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    Custom of the Utapau Airborne Trooper.

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    Ok, thanks... glad it's nothing I need to buy

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    that's what the airborne troopers helmet looks like??? man i gotta quit looking at pics before i see something in the stores. that things more monstrous than the spacetroopers helmet.

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    sebilba, that helmet on the custom isn't a very accurate sculpt but you do realize that the airborne troopers appeared in the movie? just look on the cardback of the Cody figure.

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    Once I found out what it was supposed to be, I realised it was from the movie and not EU, but the custom bears little resemblance. When it gets an official release I'll be happy to buy it, but am glad it's not some rare exclusive I've already missed.


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