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    Question Galactic Battlegrounds question

    Does music play in the background during gameplay? Is there any sound whatsoever during gameplay? I get music at the beginning before the game starts, but as soon as the field is shown, I get nothing. Is something wrong with my game or is there no sound during gameplay? Just curious.

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    I'm pretty certain from several of the reviews I read that there is supposed to be sound during gameplay. The problem could be with your speakers, sound card, or like you said, the game itself.

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    There is certainly sounds during the gameplay.
    But it is limited to natural sounds.
    Don't expect it to have music playing all the while during the gameplay.

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    No there should be music playing the whole time. And it is good music. It is mostly Ep I music. Yours is messed up somehow.
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    Cool Music in Galactic Battlegrounds

    Alright since all previous posts seem to be extremely unhelpful:
    Yes, there is background music to Galactic Battlegrounds. There is a whole load of MP3 files that play continuously in the background while the game is running. The music not playing in the background is a known bug. If you check out the official Galactic Battlegrounds website you can download the update to GB and likely fix the problem.

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    Thanks for the feedback.
    I really did not realise that there was a bug
    in the game.
    I'll visit the official site and get my problem fixed ...

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    Thumbs up

    Yeah, thanks, b0b.

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    Hi Bob , I have tried downloading the update patch 1.1 but it seems to me it has no effect. I still don't get the background music during the gameplay.

    is there some other way to fix the problem ?

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    You might want to e-mail b0b about the problem warren. He rarely posts in the message boards, so it could be a while before he actually sees your post.

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    Actually, the reason I don't post much is that I'm on the internet almost all day at work, doing work. So when I get home, I'm sometimes hardly in the mood to sit down in front of my computer again. Though that is starting to change a bit.

    However, the reason I haven't posted a response yet is because I've been looking for some of the fixes that I've read about the no-sound problem. I don't want to type up non-pertinent posts on the boards. Ummmm, like this one. D'OH!

    Anyway, I'll get an answer back, and Lord Malakite, I'll post more when I have the time.


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