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    A most unexpected delivery

    Expected arrival date: 10/2/2006

    Actual arrival date: 8/22/06

    Happy birthday, Charlotte Elizabeth [Chuxter].

    She's still in the neo-natal ICU, under close observation. Aside from rapid breathing (not uncommon in premies), she's doing quite well. (Mrs Chuxter seemed to be having a normal, even mild, pregnancy until this morning, when suddenly her water broke, and she was almost immediately in labor.)

    So I'll probably be scarce from this neck of the woods for several days.
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    Hey hey, congrats Chux and welcome to the newest of the n00bs, Ms. Lil Chux !

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    let me be the second to congratulate you Chux!

    hopefully you and mother and daughter are doing well.

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    Congrats man, best of wishes to the younling and to your wife.

    Glad to see the next generation of SSG posters is starting to populate
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    Well, I wouldn't call it a "most" unexpected delivery...early, sure, but not COMPLETELY unexpected, unless Chux was unaware of his pending paternity.

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    Congrats Chux, damn that's cool... I sent ya a message yesterday and thought that you'd disappeared to take the heat off
    Glad you had an actual reason to skip out.
    Hope you, Mrs.Chuxter and the little one are in for relatively smooth sailing
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Awesome dude. Congrats to both of you. May she bring you guys peace and joy through out your life. Mrs. KH loves the name. Will give ya a call later this week old friend. Enjoy your new child.

    Edit: Forgot to say she is a beautiful child. Can I get a few wallet sizes?
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    CONGRATS, CHUX!!! I'm really happy for the both of you and happier yet that you both FINALLY know the sex of your kid

    The NICU stuff can be pretty scary, but assuming Mrs. Chuxter was around 34 weeks you guys should be in great shape. We were at 31 weeks or so and we were there for two months, and if you go by the equation the nurses use and assume every day in the belly is two less in the NICU, then it would stand to reason that you guys should only be there for a couple weeks tops.

    The best part of the NICU? They get the kids on a feeding schedule for you!

    This is great news indeed, Chux. I couldn't be happier and wish the three of you the absolute best! Would I be correct in assuming that it was an immaculate conception? I only ask becuase anything that beautiful can't possibly have Flornbi genes!
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    whatever Twin Pops, you probably read this thread and smirked at Chux's inability to produce multiple babies.

    and forgive me for not making the connection last night, but if Mrs. Human likes the name of the babe, I can only imagine how Palpatine feels.


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