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Thread: Happy B-day JP

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    Happy B-day JP

    Happy B-day Dale. Hope you have many more.
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    Happy birfday, Dale.
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    Have a fine day Bro, congrats on seeing another trip around the sun begin, and eat some ice-cream for me, it hurts my stomach, but proxy ice cream is OK
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Happy birthday JP.

    and hApPyBiRtHdAyPaUlIe

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    Happy birthday JP! (I'm always happy to hear another SSGer has an August birthday )

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    Happy Birthday JP!!! Hope you have a good one.
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    Happy Birthday JP!!
    Enjoy your day!!
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    Thanks, guys!! I have nothing special planned for the day. Just going to my class at the gym this evening. I'm still not feeling great... this always happens at this time of the year. It'll happen again when the weather changes a second time at the end of September.

    Going out to dinner tomorrow evening with my partner and two friends. It should be a nice evening.

    I just love being here with all of you. I know we don't really make it a point to say it but I wanted to-- at least make it known today!!!

    You're all great!!
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    Happy Birthday to my fellow Ohio forumite! May your Hunts be overflowing with fantastic new MOC figures! Have a good one!
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    Actually, I found a TSC Sandtrooper at Walgreens this morning. I bought it.
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